Pounce Counters


Can we get some? At least let the pistol fire from downed hunters break it, because I feel pretty bad pouncing the last guy who’s trying to rez his doodz while they’re all trying to tickle me.

Or perhaps turn pounce into a “minigame” where the pouncer and pounced both have to input say W, A, S, or D or the directionals every couple of seconds. If the monster hits the right button first, they maintain the pounce, and if the hunter wins they break the hold.

Aside from that, putting a slight cooldown between pounces would be nice to punish monsters who miss.


I hate being in the middle of a fight, dealing damage to the Monster as the last dude alive, and suddenly he is simply able to Pounce me.

Maybe add like an ability for hunters in pounce that allows them to spam space to ‘overcharge’ their jetpacks, filling it up and creating a concussive blast? Or same thought, but overcharging/overloading their jetpack creates an expulsion of their shields (spitballing ideas really.)


Pounce took a hard nerf. Monsters can no longer use it for traversing during a fight, so I think it’s fair and balanced where it’s at now.

Now monsters need a target to pounce, meaning you need to keep the jukes and mitigation up. If someone gets pounced, shoot them off quickly, do not wait for another teammate to do it.


That’s the thing though, it just feels kind of lame only ever having to kill 3 hunters instead of 4


While it does suck for hunters, chances are if 1 hunter is left then the team screwed up somewhere along the hunt. Sure, a pounce can secure a win, but after the hunters mess up badly is it really worth giving them a second chance?

Majority of the time it’s because 1 hunter didn’t run away from the fight, after 2 people were already downed. Thus not putting enough distance between them self and the monster.


I’ve never had trouble chasing down runners, you move so fast as most monsters it’s really a non issue, particularly if you use your scent to track them. I just feel like as a monster I have so many second chances, yet stuff like this straight up punishes hunters with no kind of counter. Just being able to take someone from full to nothing without them ever having a chance to fight back has just always felt pretty weak to me.


Unless they changed it in stage 2 hunters still should be able to shoot the monster while they’re in the pounce animation to stop it


But many players have a much different experience than you. Some can’t keep hunters from out-mitigating them, like Kelder or Goliath.

I do agree that monsters tend to have more second chances, but that is only if they can take advantage of them. Sure, a monster can channel their armor in a dome, but only if the hunters gave up on chasing/fight it.

I may be wrong, but I believe pounce DPS was reduced, so if a hunter can out-mitigate the monster and get pounced right before the dropship then hunters do have a second chance.


I might be wrong, but I think downed hunters should be able to shoot off pounce. I think it’s a bug that they can’t,but I could be wrong.

I’ve found that by shooting the monster myself, they don’t get a successful pounce, so I’m pretty happy with how it is now


Step 1 to countering a team mate who is pounced: Shoot the monster while still standing on your feet.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit.


You should definitely be able to interrupt a pounce if you are looking at and attacking the monster. Nothing is more anti-climatic than having the monster pounce the last hunter, who can still put up a fight.

Lazarus was turned into a regular medic because people found him toxic to play against, but round ending pouncing is still a thing because raisins.

Before people claim you can shoot the monster off mid pounce, that is only on a theory level, it works if everyone is on a LAN network, but in a real game the monster get the host right and the pounce detection is done on the monster client, not the server/pounce target client which the result of any delay from just leaving your router, which is why it might work in TRS’s internal testing, but not even for neighbors because that little boost in ping is all it takes.

To prove this, all you need to do is to pick Markov and shoot the monster who is pouncing you. You will see that the monster will succeed in pouncing you, but you will be freed after a quarter of a second because of the delay of the lightning gun.

Obviously, pouncing should not be changed when it comes to ambushing, heck it could be buffed.
Just not in combat.

My mother taught me that if you didn’t have anything nice or constructive to say, you better not say anything at all.


Since the new update I’ve never, ever been pounced as last hunter when fighting the monster. Few of my team mates have, either.

There are many ways you can evade it- now, just being out of range totally disables it. Any sort of damage as he winds up to pounce and when he’s in the animation breaks it.

You can just jetpack juke around scenery, or you can shoot him when he’s about to try.

Pounce really isn’t tough to counter right now, in my opinion.

I don’t think that’s true, is it? I’ve been in many games where Monster has more ping than Hunters. For example, I have forty, Hunters have 20-30 each; we have 20-30, he has 50-ish.

He’s got a point though.


I guess I’ll just have to wait till ranked then and I’ll reassess, right now I’ve yet to have a last hunter counter my pounce more than once. Traverse, pounce, GG.


Consider that many, many players are new or are adapting to the new system.

I think you’ll find that fighting experienced players, you’ll never manage to pounce them.

As for waiting till Ranked…Can’t find Ranked matches in my area, so that sucks. :frowning:


I have seen this too, but I assume it’s the player just have a poor connection in the first place, so having a host near you doesn’t matter anyway. But the pounce advantage is still there, which is even worse in those scenarios.[quote=“Mt_Everett, post:12, topic:91070”]
He’s got a point though.

No, he is just being condecending and trying to look smart by setting up a strawman.
It’s the opposite of having a point, he had no argument so he made up a scenario we weren’t defending just get a comment in.


Fair enough. However, as you said-

So while it pulls you in, it does basically no damage and it’s a temporary annoyance, proving that if you juke well and play smart you can quite easily prevent a last man pounce.

Honestly, it’s the monsters that don’t do this you should look out for…They’ll just use their abilities to bring you down quickly enough.[quote=“MrTalha, post:15, topic:91070”]
No, he is just being condecending and trying to look smart by setting up a strawman. It’s the opposite of having a point.

I don’t know what setting up a strawman is, but he made the point that the best counter to pouncing is simple teamwork.


Yeah, but it’s only a thing as Markov as I said. Which is fine, I don’t mind being attempted to be pounced as Markov.
My point is that it should work like that for all hunters.

Which is completely acceptable. But at least I have a chance to dodge, you know what I mean? My decisions matter, rather than being locked in a helpless position.

If @Sidewaysgts had read the original post, he would have seen he was talking about the last hunter, which would imply the other hunters would not be in the best condition to practice teamwork.
Or more likely, he did read it, got uoset because he doens’t want the monsters to be nerfed, sat down to write a reason for why to keep it like that.
Then he couldn’t come up with an argument, so he twisted what the OP said to make him look like he didn’t realise a up and standing ally could help him and make a snarkly remark.


But firing with basically any automatic weapon does the trick, does it not? With basically any Assault, all Trappers, Hank, Tech Hank, Kala (who can place mines to save her anyway) and Rogue Val a little, but Lazarus, Slim and Emet for sure.

That’s most Hunters.

But I do agree that it should work better and more seamlessly for all Hunters, yes.


No, it’s actually a bug related to the lock on function of the lightning gun, so it only works with both the Markovs.
I should have made that clearer, my bad.


Not at all, I’m just bad at reading carefully.

I think I understand what you’re saying. I suppose my opinion might be a bit skewed because my mains are Kala and Caira as Hunters. Caira is never last man standing and Kala can just mine the ground with Siren Missiles to prevent pounces.

I think you are correct here actually. I’ll see for myself soon enough. Thank you for explaining that.