Pounce bug I think?


So yeah, since the micropatch I’m having trouble with Goliath and his pounce, lately, almost everytime I try to pounce wildlife or hunters( the first time, not spamming, I know there is a cooldown) he goes on pouncing pose and then gives a melee attack instead of pouncing and no, I wasn’t been attack all those times it happened, so, what’s that?


Sounds like a bug.


Yeah goliath’s pounce has seemed a bit derpy recently


@MacMan Can you help? Do you guys know about this?


happen to me so many time as behemot ( didnt played other monster a lot after behemot was released ) instead of pouncing i do light melee attack , it’s like the CD on pounce is activated before i can land the first one , because i spam it i’m still locked on light melee attack … i generaly do for exemple roll to heavy attack to pounce and it work 20% of the time , even if i never done any pounce before …


the worst is when u successfully isolate a hunter with rock wall and you can’t pounce for no reason :open_mouth: , i think you have to check it , and i’m pretty sure the cd is sometime activated before the first pounce is landed


Sounds like it put your pounce on cooldown before you tried to use it (it does an attack if you try to pounce more often than every 2 seconds). I might have had this bug on behemoth, but I thought it was because I was trying to do a sneak attack too fast, not actually getting in sneak mode before attacking.


I thought that too, but I tried many times later and I was in sneak mode and already in pounce pose, but then it did melee attack