Pounce Balance Suggestion

So there’s quite a few nerfs incoming with a buff or 2 hidden in there but one more thing i wish i saw was that the pounce get a cooldown to it so it doesnt get spammed more than banshee mines. like how is it ok for the monster to pounce like 5 times in a row with no negatives. there could be maybe a 5-10sec cooldown on it just so it cant be spammed like how the banshee mine change is happening

I’m pretty sure if you haven’t got away from the monster pouncing you consecutively after the first two times, any kind of nerf isn’t going to save you… :wink:

I think any kind of pounce nerf needs to be more nuanced than a time penalty as pounce does actually require some degree of skill (not withstanding the sometimes buggy nature of pounce that can both favor hunter or monster alike).

My feeling on things, as a monster and hunter player, is that an in-capped team mate should be able to break the pounce with their small arm fire if they’re LOS. Among other things, this could avoid some of the frustrating pounce finishes to a match (think of those times you’re just a second or two off the dropship arriving) and it would also serve better consistency in the gameplay (as a monster taking damage normally looses the pounce hold).

idk i just hate when mid-fighta monster pounces but misses so re-sneaks into pounce to finish a hunter and then pounce next hunter or maybe use some abilities then pounce again and again and again. i just want it to be less spammy. and the biggest spammers of pounce are almost always krakens. its just a spammy monster so they spam that pounce and think theyre pro. its just promoting garbage tactics imo

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if the Kraken needs to pounce to win, they’re going to be pretty easy to beat at the ranged game.

Pounced isn’t OP. Just dodge it. This is the millionth thread on this. It’s really old now.


Kinda hard when the pounce DRAGS you back into the position you just left TO dodge it.

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Im not saying its OP what im saying is that im seeing monsters go spam happy with pounce instead of using shit else. I dont think pounce should do less damage hell im even fine with its extend-o-range that it has im just saying that there needs to be some minimum time gap between pounces. Now if we had a frog or maybe bunny or kangaroo type monster where you would expect to find bouncyness come into play but as of yet we dont so why are we seeing it? Simple its something people are abusing and dont want that taken away from them

Nooooot! D:

Have you seen those krakens that pounce 8 times in 10 secs? theyre basically hairless kangaroos already

Yes, but, *bunny…*Noot! D:


Its a great tool in combat. Adding cool down will suck as Monster purely because it is used frequently in high-level play.

And you dont see the problem here? i think there is a very clear line between using a tool and abusing a tool…

It’s useful, only use in combat is disorienting the Hunters unless the team is bad then free damage! :slight_smile:

I’m fine with pounce being spammed.

My problem is the damn range of the Krakens sneak pounce, and how sometimes, it’ll pull you round a corner, and other times, it’ll push you out of LOS.

I think anything spammed is not good, why else would we be getting this Kraken change to where you can’t spam banshee mines easily anymore, oh yah its because the devs don’t want people spamming stuff

i was checking out this other topic that had to do with someone hating on the pounce being spammed also and someone brought up a good idea. what if the monster couldnt use it for .5-1.0 secs after being shot? that way they could still use it in combat but they couldnt use it as a cheap way to reposition for free damage but they could still use it as long as they werent getting melted?

Well pounce is supposed to cancel if the Monster is shot.

supposed to but idk if you play the game then lol cuz sometimes we could be shooting the monster for quite a few seconds before the pounce gets interrupted. hyde/hank/val for me seem to take multiple shots before the monster lets go. and again this is always the kraken too :confused:

i think thats why myself and others dislike the pounce so much because kraken is the FotM rn and so many things are spammy, its just a spammy monster and until it gets toned down it’ll be played that way

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There is currently a 2 second cooldown. Has been for a long time.

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I wish i was playing the same game. But like i said ass Kraken it feels like its spammed much more than once every 2 seconds, even if that is the cooldown it should be more like 5 so that way it cant be spammed. it just shouldnt be a tactic to pounce pounce attack pounce ability because thats what it takes to be a “high level” kraken