Postumous Pet Possession


What do you guys think of giving Maggie (and any subsequent Hunter with a pet) the ability to (only when dead), take over control of their pet? Rather than relying on the AI, which can be faulty at times, give them a unique pet HUD and allow Daisy (currently) to be under player control (until the Hunter spawns again).

Just an idea I had when watching some videos… and wondering when the Freaking HELL THE DAMN BETA WOULD BE COMING OUT!!!

recomposes himself Thoughts?


Maybe. But Daisy is faster than a Hunter, and being able to run away from the monster as Daisy would make Maggie really strong. I wouldn’t mind having her pet ‘weapon slot’ do something when you activate it. Not sure what to put there as Maggie is pretty solid already.


good idea on the take over pet


Cool idea. Although it might be intended for balance purposes that you wouldn’t be able to control daisy. Would be fun to try out though :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll see how much better Daisy is in the final release build. I rarely ever relied on her for anything besides a clutch revive. If you’re competent as a Trapper then you’ll find the monster faster than she can. All I know is she’s quicker in the later builds so hopefully it means something at higher levels of play.

Though this idea would make her more dependable.


Hmmm, that makes me wonder. Can daisy be eaten by wildlife? I want to say no. @Macman, can you confirm?


I was wondering if there was an ability, while both are alive that the player can hold down the button for Daisy when moused over a teammate and provide a “Revive” option (when they are down). Otherwise, commands like “Go Hunt” and “Stay Close”, etc. might prove to provide her with a bit more customized control for the Trapper.


I think once she’s dead, she’s just a generic corpse, so yeah. Should be edible.


Yeah, as is, she’s on auto-pilot. Kinda does her thing with no input from the player; I’m not sure if that is seen as “punishment” or the loss of a slot ability, but I have to admit I’m a horrible Trapper (had it as preference #5), so I’m not in tune with the concerns of most Trappers.


I think MaddCow was insinuating if she is just as susceptible to plant wildlife and getting “incapped” (when on auto pilot, she seems immune to it, but player-control would allow her to make that “mistake”)


Ya, what he said :slight_smile:


I know that she edible. Tastes great with ketchup. But I was referring to mega mouths, tyrants, and plant traps :smiley:


I liked not having a 4th skill. Most of the time every Hunter has one ability/skill that is usually ignored. For Maggie, I could use Dome + Traps + SMG really easy. However, with assault one weapon would usually me very underused due to the monster + map.


Oh, predators will eat her when she’s dead, but she does not get grappled.


Ah, thats cool. I kinda knew that wildlife eats corpses. Unless you mean when they are dead, and not downed. Also, if they are edible when a Corpse, is their a timer so that Laz can get to them? If not, fighting near megamouths + tyrants against their Laz seems really potent.


Tyrant will leave the body to revive. A megamouth will not.


My Monster hearts this. Especially with that new map with all the Mega Mouths everywhere :smiley:


I like this, not sure how hard it would be to implement and what knock on effects it might have but, another idea to the list of potential cool things for the future.


I don’t know whether it was ever addressed or not and this seems to pertain somewhat, so here goes. Back during Big Alpha I played a lot of Lazarus and once in a blue moon had the issue of the Laz device either not functioning on a hunter that was glitched into the environment (either into a rock or the ground) or if the hunter died in water having Laz put away the device once you reached a certain depth. Depending on my luck and jetpack fuel I was sometimes able to sort of float and land a pickup, but generally speaking this was convoluted and difficult. Are water resurrections intended to be difficult/ impossible, or was it simply something that needed to be addressed and fixed in a patch? I understand the positioning inside of an object was merely bugged. Thanks!


Wasn’t intended but was the result of some hard decisions that we did made about water, like forcing hunters to swim in deep water and not having gear available while swimming. We were just discussing that problem this morning and will be looking into possible solutions.