Posting to Youtube


I’ve been playing and loving Evolve, and I also just got all my stuff fixed so I can record. I’ve just started putting up Evolve videos to my Youtube with real basic commentary, nothing special but I’m trying to learn and make them better and speak louder etc etc. I just thought I would share this here since I plan to be posting a lot more Evolve videos, among others, so I figured I would share it here just in case anyone was interested.

I do mostly monster POV but also hunters from time to time too.


Good luck! If you are PC, hopefully we can collab sometime.


Unfortunately I went PS4 with this one, but thank you for the wishes :slight_smile:


Beat that or any of my other videos.


Good luck with youtube, unless you’re pewdiepie you have no chance, heads up.


I’m not trying to be anyone or do anything special haha, I just really love making and posting videos :slight_smile: Mostly music videos, like the one for Evolve that I’m slowly working on now :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll I been posting since the alpha and I get no views yet my videos are great. I swear to Christ they won’t be a waste of your time.