Post your Videos here - How to win against Kraken / Kelder and Gorgon after the Macropatch on all plattforms!


Hey guys,

after the Macropatch we struggling hard against high level Krakens / Kelders and Gorgons on PS4.
So some of you still say its easy “get good” or just “dodge” but yeah we dont have any ideas anymore. We need new inspiration. It seems its time to relearn the complete game, so I would like to see some Gameplay where you guys win against a high skilled Kraken / Kelder or Gorgon on Console. We need some new ideas and yeah a Video/Twitch would be great to learn.

Please only Videos above Silver Experts :wink:




:smiley: - Just want to see how other high level teams deal with it :wink:


Kelder is broken on all platforms :confused:


I know, I was joking, I’m silver already but don’t play hunt, bad connection, long waiting times :unamused:


We played Kevin’s Kelder (Gold) I honestly don’t remember if we recorded it… I think we won at stage 2.


I personally think they are on the border of balanced and OP. I do play Monster a LOT more than I do Hunter, so I could do videos from the Monster’s perspective, but I’m Silver Skilled (I should be at least Silver Expert, if I wouldn’t run into so many Bronze players), so I don’t qualify. As Hunter I’m only Bronze Elite though.

But I will say this: for Gorgon, try to use DR, JR, JH, Capacity, or DB. For Kraken and Kelder, try to use DR, JR, JH, or DB.


Ohh nice! Great! But what if he goes stage 3 :smiley: Somtimes you cant prevent it :wink:


Then you are fucked.


Yes but how ppl deal with her now? Until TU9 its a long time…

What does your time do?

Any body here who can post a video how to deal with the OP Monsters? We need new ideas :smiley:


Honestly right now its all about Val Cabot abe parnell/torvald.

Everyone mitigates till 3, and that comp destroys monsters. All the monster does is focus on val, cuz thats why you need to do, and he will melt like butter. Cloak the medic early and val will keep you alive because of great healing-Something RV wont do.


Will there ever be a time that we are not forced to play a particular comp…
But yes you be right but with this Val / Cabot comp we only can beat a high skilled Goliath. Against a high skilled Kraken its very hard!

Yes so boring!

I really hate the new Call of Duty Comp! Its just Yolo and very risky.

But yeah even with that new Call of Duty comp I really would like to see some high level gameplay we struggle hard with a Cabot in the Team!


I’m a silver expert monster and I main elder kraken. I don’t think he’s really op (just a tad bit) but the main thing people don’t get about him is that you can’t fight him like the other monsters. . .

A few tips are the earlier you catch him the better because at stage 1 and 2 he’s really weak. All of his abilities can be dodged and even dodged preemptively with unpredictable movement except for bm (if he’s shotgunning it). Other Hunter mitigating techniques like roaching, flying up, and bunching up to take focus away from one Hunter won’t work because they’re predictable movements that allow me to cast my abilities where you’re going. Most successful defense I’ve faced is good pillar humping. Damage comps with a ok on defense are rough (a long long rough game against Emet, tsgH, waggie, and Parnell comes to mind) and also chase comps can be murder because he has problems breaking contact (tho I’ve gotten a lot better at dealing with them these days).


Im a gold monster and I used to main Kelder/Behemoth, now Kelder is insanely OP. He used to be balanced because slowness was his only bad side. He could always instakill if you were good at comboing, but then people complained and here we are with the most unbalanced monster once again.


Because Kelder has Kraken flying mechanics but up-front damaging abilities.

People could not figure out how to play him properly and the telemetry was skewed. He only needed the CL and traversal buff, nothing else.

People needed to aim LS to where hunters are going, not where they are.

I am a Kraken main, and I had no problem winning with him.

Kelder is just a bad overall case of people not learning him correctly, thus skewing telemetry.


Yeah I mained him before the macro patch also. All they changed were the ranges on his abilities I believe (could be wrong). I always could insanely burst people down who were careless with their positioning which is why I don’t get that all of a sudden now he’s op. I agree he’s op but not as much as people say. I’m just saying I’ve faced some teams who could dodge almost everything I could throw at them but just not doing the same things as they would against other monsters. What would you say is most op?


Thats it!

Lets not discuss it here, here is the place for nice videos how to counter high skilled monsters after the patch.


I changed the title to all plattforms maybe we can learn from PC! But PC Players keep in mind we dont have the same inputs. Our playstyle on console is different :wink:



I guess what you could do is to run sunny, val it is still the strongest team comp you could run :stuck_out_tongue: