Post your Twitch accounts


Since we have a pinned thread for YouTube channels, I figured I might as well start one for Twitchers since I keep seeing random posts by folks promoting their stuff as well. I don’t stream myself, just figured it might be helpful to have a running list like we have for the YT one…

Worth a pin @SledgePainter ?

Shameless Twitch stream plug...Details below
Hilarious video compilation from my stream. (you're gunna love dis)

Guess i will get the ball rolling.


Everyone was pretty much using the YouTube thread to post Twitch…it kinda fell under the category of anybody streaming and taking video of anything. I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated Twitch thread though. If enough people want this and post their info. we can pin this.


Already some quality twitch channels (annoyingly can’t remeber the Goliath lad who’s really good!).

See me rollin Kraken mostly, or griffin with reload speed for rapid harpoon fun.


Yea, I had just seen folks posting Twitch accounts in various categories, methinks they didn’t ‘get it’ that the other one was for that as well (probably the whole “YouTube” heading… :wink: )

Again, I don’t stream, just trying to help out

#6 i like to stream with followers/ viewers on xbox one if any of y’all have it


need to be more consistent with my steams, but i just don’t have time lately with school and work.


igot same problem, 6 classes and i get overtime, i try to stream at least 1-2 hours a night tho


Xbox One for Evolve, also stream from PC for a lot of games


maybe we should agree to follow each other and try to be viewers for our fellow streamers when were unable to play



I stream mostly evenings and Thursday/Sunday. I will actually be streaming in just a little while and put together some of my Monster + Hunter hunting guides. Feel free to tune in.


Now yer workin’ it gents… networking FTW!! Together we, the community, are strong!!

Uhm, not seeing a channel link bro…


Take the http:// out of the link, just start with www. If you put the whole link it tries to display a clickable image of that link