Post your perk selection for you favourite hunter(s) here!


Let me know what perks you are choosing on your favourite hunter or hunters!

For me, as Lazarus, I take:

Minor: Health regen.

The minor health regen perk, combined with the passive hunter health regen, allows me to gain about 1/3rd of my health during a single cloak.

Major: Class cooldown reduction.

Being able to pop the healing burst as Laz as often as possible will keep both me and my teammates alive the longest.

Superior: Class cooldown reduction.

Same as the major perk.


I still haven’t played enough and got enough perks to answer this… remind me to come contribute in a week!


At the moment I’m enjoying Buckets new buff. Haven’t got a lot of upgraded perks (spent keys on man eater Bucket😊). So what I have atm and is likely to change when I get more perks:
Tier1-level 3 movement speed (5%)
Tier2-level 2 rocket Lord
Tier3-level 1 increased damage (6%?)

When I unlock it I’m going to have Tier3 class ability cooldown instead, combined with mechanised field, shield burst should come off cooldown very quickly, meaning more saved Hunters. I’ll move damage increase to tier 1, I think Bucket can still do a lot of damage with his sentries, especially now since f2p’s never try and avoid or kill them


For my Behemoth

Tier1 - Dmg Reduction + Armor Regen (max)
Tier2 - Movement speed + Feeding speed (max)
Tier3 - Cooldown Reduction (2/3)


Lazarus with:
T1: Health Regen.
T2: Health Regen.
T3: Cooldown reduction. (Leaving the cloak on a 19 second cooldown)

Basically, if the monster doesn’t manage to kill you before you cloak, he have to try over again because of the crazy health regen, which is honestly how it should be considering the cloack isn’t toggleable.

I might replace the T1 perk with some CDR (not sure if there is a cdr perk there) once I finish upgrading T2, just because the Lazarus Device Cooldown is too high right now with two downs being a guaranteed strike, despite being a medic who’s very concept revolves around death.
(Not actually complaining about Laz’s balance tho, he is more viable now than ever.)

As for monster, I haven’t decided yet.
I am considering a Dot-liath build by stacking meteor Goliath’s burn with the poison skills (who do respectable damage, definitely worth giving a try).
Stacking Damage resistance is funny too, because you can do so up to 30%, giving you 43% more effective health

But I can’t go around spending too many keys, they might release the Laz variant for keys only and being broke then wouldn’t be fun.


Huh Interesting. I am planning to run with T1 Health regen, T2 Class cooldown reduction and, when I have enough silver keys, T3 class cdr.

Even with just T2 class cdr, I feel like my healing field is up all the time!


Yeah, I understand.
While TRS is trying to make him more like Emet (by shifting his “healing” from his glove over to his Healburst) my playstyle still revolves around ressurection and baiting, so his heal burst default cooldown works fine for me.


I can’t afford that many perks yet.

So far I’m running on everyone:

Minor: Rocket Man
Major: Rocket Man
Superior: Health Regen

The way I figure it, more jetpack and jumping and more health regen is never a bad thing.

I’ll probably spend keys on getting bigger capacity and lower cooldowns after I max out my current perks to lvl 3.


Ok well… I wish you luck, considering the big nerfs to the glove and the fact that dead hunters still give strikes :stuck_out_tongue:


My two primary hunters are Hank and Hyde. So, my perks are usually,

  1. Rocket man
  2. Cap increase
  3. Cap increase

I like to have. A lot of shielding and flamethrowing available to me.


Yeah, the trick it seems is to just accept that your team get strikes, simple as that.
There is absolutely no way of preventing it, so rolling with the punches seems like the way to go.