Post your PC specs


Just good to see what systems you guys are running and how well it runs Evolve…

My system:

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Superclock ACX 2048MB
Intel Core i7-4770K 3.50GHz (4.4GHz Turbo Speed)
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866MHz
Creative Sound Blaster Z High Performance

Runs at solid 60fps with Medium settings & X1MSAA @ 1920x1200 resolution.

What is weird for me, is as soon as I put say Texture on High the game will run at 60fps still but will have MAJOR frame drops randomly - I’m talking drops to like 10fps for a second or two, I can only assume this is VRAM related with only having 2GB of it.
Also screen resolution can play a big part in performance.

However, even at Medium settings the game looks gorgeous!


Are there any huge differences in texture settings among medium, high and very high?


Not much I’d say, texture seems nearly the same, just a bit more realistic because of some added blur effect I guess.


Strange. I heard that in texture settings, if you put very high it will consume 3.5GB VRAM which I’m really worried because I only have GTX 770 2GB and I really really really wanna max every game except the AA settings.

Currently playing with my Lenovo Y580 with the lowest settings and 1280x720 resolution. Surprisingly, it can run with 25-35FPS constantly while in intense battle it will drag down to 15-20FPS. Seems pretty fair to me


Yeah, you won’t be able to go MAX with 770GTX 2GB, not in my experience anyway.


I’m 90% sure the VRAM is a bottleneck on a 2GB graphics card, as I have a crossfire of HD6950 2GB, and crossfire doesn’t add up the VRAM, they both have to load the same charge, so the VRAM isn’t increased to 4gb, but considering the processing power of a hd6950, VRAM aside, I should be able to achieve almost the performance of a stock R9 290X, but it is nowhere near as fluid.


780 Ti here @2560x1440 textures high, and have the same fps drop sometimes (but it’s very very rare, maybe 1/10 game)


i5 4670k at 4 ghz 8 gb ram and gtx 770 , i can run fine only on medium , but geforce experience wants to optimize the game to very high lol


I have recently found that everything can be on very high except textures, they stay on medium. As soon as they go on High or very high i get fps drops. I mean going from 50-60 down to like 20 for a couple of seconds then back up…


Yes you are rigth i tried with ionly texture at medium and works fine :smiley:


Nice one!

This game must either be very texture heavy or not quite well optimized.