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Let us talk about Monster Strategy here. As I was looking back at the E3 Dev gameplays again, the Monster looks like it needs strategy to take down the Hunters. The Hunters roles are well defined for them, however the Monster’s role is not as clear. From what I can gather, its important to know which skills to give the monster from the start.

With Kraken, it seems like the AfterShock and Vortex are really important for killing wildlife in the start as well as offense later on. I would probably spend 1 point on Banshee mines, 2 points on AfterShock, 2 point on Vortex, and 1 point on LightingStrike. I would spend the 2 evolution points to max out LightingStrike or split between AfterShock and LightingStrike. I also noticed that its a bad idea to fight Kraken in an open space/field because he can just pick at the Hunters from a distance with his ranged attacks. By forcing him into a cave or dropping the mobile arena on him, the Hunters could effectively fight the Monster on a leveled playing field.

Shout outs to Dave Gibson for that awesome Monster gameplay showing at E3 which gave me some ideas on how to play Kraken.


Reserved for Goliath and 3rd Monster Strategy


Eat. Kill. Win.

But more specifically I’m planning on using my tracks to lead the hunters into aggressive animals and going stealthed around level 2 (with full armor hopefully), jumping into the fray right when they get to the deadly wildlife. That way they’ve got me and some little “henchmen” to deal with. If it’s looking risky I’ll back out as early as I can once my armor is gone, especially if I have a few downs on the hunters, but if it’s looking like a win then I’ll just end it there.

One thing I noticed from the videos in the tournaments and such is that the monster players don’t know when to fight and when to flee. If you’ve got no downs at half health, it’s time to leave. Knock one down on your way out if you can but once that dome is down, you gotta get outta there because there’s a 95% chance you’re going to lose.


For me I imagine it’ll be:

##Stage One##

  • Begin with 3 level one abilities for utility.
  • Reach Stage 2 as fast as possible.
  • Avoid any confrontations with Hunters by stealthing a lot.

##Stage Two##

  • Upgrade existing abilities so I have one level three ability, one level two ability and one level one ability.
  • Make avoiding taking any damage to health a priority by running from fights as soon as armour is low/gone.
  • Continue to make staging up a priority.
  • If on full/nearly full armour, fight the Hunters when they run into you or you run into them.
  • Once ready to Evolve, then face the Hunters to get a few strikes in where possible.
  • Collect as many Elite perks as possible.
  • Evolve only when I’ve managed to get a few strikes in.

##Stage Three##

  • Upgrade abilities even further. Make getting two level three abilities a priority.
  • Try and get Elite perks (if none have been collected from Stage Two).
  • If all has gone well from the last two stages, then attack the Power Relay.
  • If the Hunters are there, then hopefully I will have the advantage by having little damage to health and a good Elite perk.
  • Win.


@Plaff basically nailed my take on monster strategy.

I made this thread a few days ago to cover as many scenarios as I could think of:

I’ll be adding stage three hopefully before the weekend is over, then go into specific monster skills and how to handle specific hunters.


Stage one, dump all three points into a single ability. Lightning strike for Kraken, charge for goliath. Leave tracks going towards one side of the map, but sneak and double back to throw the hunters off.

Stage two. Dump all three points into one more skill. Vortex for Kraken, fire breath for Goliath. Get to around halfish armor then intentionaly set off some birds, preferably near some hostile wildlife. Wait behind a rock and when the Hunters approach, pounce the first one, once shot off use your aoe’s as effectively as possible. Kill the support, and the assualt, down the medic and trapper, let daisy run off. Evolve on top of the medic/trapper, pounce Daisy.

Game Over :stuck_out_tongue:


I only played Goliath once and I got wrecked. I am posting so I can read cool strats and get notified of new ones! :smiley:


Three, my good man!


Stage one i would put all my points in vortex to push away the group of hunter if they attack me and be very stealthy

Stage two i would pick a fight kill the medic and trapper so they can have strikes on them and if im lucky the hunters will run and get killed by wildlife (doubt it but you never know)i would escape in the chaos and evolve to stage 3

Stage three i would attack the generator having fully upgraded banshee mines vortex and lightining strike i would attack the generator to lure the now spawned hunters and unleash hell attack the now permanetly hurt trapper and medic the finish assualt support next and finally daisy.


I didn’t know you could stack them, i thought that you can only have 1 active, is it true?


Correct. Only 1 active wildlife perk at a time


Is it true that you can assign perks like damage reduction before you start a match like unlocking them and putting on one per match if so i wonder how they balance that and getting an elite wildlife perk


Banshee mines everywhere.

Mostly above head height, behind outcroppings, or walls, or corners (just past the lip of a ledge is also good, especially if there’s some knockback).

Not for the damage, because most teams could survive (or heal from) being hit by a few. But because it would slow the hunters down slightly. They’re going to be checking more carefully, trying to avoid blind corners, and so on. Certainly, they could charge on ahead - I’m leaving a trail, until I get sneaky - but they’d have the fear of “What if he’s set a bunch of mines, and then is ready to sneak me to dead?”

That is, unless there’s a limit to the number of mines. I’m not sure I’ve seen one mentioned anywhere, but I could be mistaken.


I’m a little unsure myself but I think it may be about five, like everything else including Griffin’s sound spikes, Bucket’s turrets and Markov’s mines. :smiley:


They don’t stack, but I think it’ll be worth getting a few anyways. The best one is active when you’ve collected one or more


Basically this.


The second one you collect, replaces the first one.

You can not have multiple perks waiting in que, to my recollection.

Once you eat a perk, it will replace any current ones active and remove the previous one period.


Hmm I’m not sure. I thought they queue up and then the best one remains active.

Maybe you’re right though. @MacMan can you help us?


When you get a new one it wipes the previous one. Sometimes you gotta make a decision. I’ve left a corpse because I didn’t want the Buff because I already had one that I liked better.


For me :
Escape to hunters, never fight if I’m at stage 1 or 2. Evolve at stage 3 and kill all hunters :smiley: