Post your ideas for new Monsters/Hunter Classes


Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying this game as much as I am. If you’re anything like me, you may have had a few ideas for some new monsters or hunter types. I’d like to see some of your ideas, I bet they’re interesting. Maybe post the name of the monster/hunter, it’s abilities, etc. You could even describe how it looks or post some art you may have, maybe finish with a background story or origin. Anyway, here’s mine.

The Leviathan

A flightless subspecies of the Kraken capable of manipulating water and electricity. By creating space-gravity distortions, it forms giant water domes to trap it’s prey and sends electrical pulses through the water, stunning and incapacitating any within. If it’s food attempts to flee , it finishes them off with high pressure water streams released through it’s mouth.

I’d love to see some of the more original creations you guys have. Please don’t be shy, you never know, maybe TRS will be inspired by something they see here. ^^

Happy Hunting !


Hey, we already have an area for monster and hunter ideas here in the Hub under the Tips, Tricks, and Ideas section. Feel free to drop your ideas there for everyone to check out! Be sure to post your Leviathan idea there too.