Post the most ABSURD, LEGIT ad's!


I can die happily now if I am not already dead from laughing so hard at this LEGIT ad! I was taken completely by surprise when I was about to watch a completely unrelated video and THIS pops up.



"My wife would like that!"


Thats…actually a pretty cool tool lol. an odd method, but kinda cool.


It looks extremely useful but… They should’ve re thought that name, the corny ad and bad acting didn’t help either :laughing:


If you are referring to the squatty potty, I disagree. I feel it’s one of the top 10 best commercials of 2015. Really well executed.


right? the wonder boner! and im sure that made it through alot of approval before making it available to be sold lol.


No I’m talking about the wonder boner.


I use to be big on fising, so I would’ve loved to know about this. It’s pretty efficient, I wonder if it made a lot of money. It’s simple yet genius .


\Wins thread.


south park made fun of this REAL well :joy:



I can see Hank doing this ad for some reason…

I’m also buying this.


This is an ad for Wartune. Lol find why it’s absolutely hilarious xD



Have you seen this?
Warning you’re gonna cringe .

If you buy this you’ll be a real game assassin, you gotta clean that “gamer gunk”


If you go to to 1:46 on the video he doesn’t even pick up the mouse . :laughing:


Plus, the product is amazing and I’ve used it for years :smiley:


I’m seriously fucking dying right now.


All the “gamer gunk” on my keyboard is just oreo crumbs. owo