Post Release Issues


I made this so we have a place to share the bugs we found upon release. I had had a few.

  1. shadows of foliage seen through walls, creates a very hard screen to look at because so much goes on.
  2. The experience from the beta did not carry over to the final game. I have to level up my characters again.SOLVED
  3. some characters that are unlocked cannot be customized for some reason (ex: lazarus for me) SOLVED

Overall, i love the shit out of this game so I’ll do anything in my power to help out. Congrats on the release fellas, Let’s hunt

edit: xbox one evolve


Levels didn’t carry over from the xb1 beta, only the character unlocks did
Also you needed to have been logged into your my2k account to do this


Most of this is correct -

  1. most definitely a glitch - thanks for the report!

  2. only character unlocks carry over from the beta on Xbox One only.

  3. The customize part is for skins, so you will need to own one before you can customize


thank you sir


i tried to use the exterminator skin that i have on other characters on lazarus. (the pre order skin) It didnt seem to have an option even though i downloaded it. I had it on all tier 1 hunters however.


Are you sure exterminator skins are for all classes?I think it is only for tier 1


I see your confusion! The exterminator skins are only on tier 1 hunters. They don’t apply to any of the unlockable characters.


I’m having issues with resolution.
I have to set it every time i log in, after waiting thru a 5 minute black screen. This can’t be healthy for my computer - how do i get this to stick after log out?


What resolution does your PC need to play?


Ah, I have been confused about the progress carry over too. Thanks for clearing it up!