Post Relay Win Effects


Okay, so when you win with destroying the relay, we all get that badass roar and explosions.

However, on Distillery, you can see the parked ship fly off or get blown away and I think some crates go flying away as well.

Are there any more post relay win effects? Like a building in the corner of the map exploding? Or maybe even opening? O.o

Or idk, maybe I’m just crazy.

Edit: Not crazy.

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I’m pretty sure the ship and crates don’t fly off.

The only map effects destroying the relay has is on the building it is housed in. On Refueling Tower nozzles and tanks start breaking and spewing sparks and gas, explosions and fires start, etcetera.

I don’t believe relay wins do anything else to maps.


I’ve noticed that there are a lot of subtle changes to the map as the relay becomes more and more damaged. In private matches, I will deliberately try to get the relay as low as I can just to see what does and doesn’t change. In a lot of cases, I’ve just seen lighting, but I know on maps with a lot of machinery it will start to break down like on the fusion plant. It’s a nice touch!


On Dam the doors close…
Other than that I don’t know of any other major change.


That was a bug that got fixed a while back.


Found it!

Should be at 13:28 ish

######Took me 30 godamn minutes Shredder, you could’ve just believed in me. ;-;


In Evac, it shows the crashed ship spilling the scent masking stuff into the water.


Huh. I have literally never seen that. Interesting :clap:


Welp, that’s probably because I play too much solo. I leave Daisy alive and let her witness justice.

With Og or Meaty, when the camera turns around, just like when you kill everyone, it’s very noticeable.

Yeah, it’s nice to see it happen too.


Just a little off-topic, but I couldn’t let it slide.


Wow, I never knew that that ship takes off like that. Cool to see!


Yeah, it was amazing when I first discovered it.

Okay, so at this point it looks like many Post Relay Win Effects might be connected to the Evacuation perks, so I’m definitely curious if they are.

In Armory, the Emp cannons go haywire, shooting Emp blasts everywhere shutting down the Hunter’s abilities.

Does anyone know if the northern or southern multicannons go crazy? Or the Emp cannon on top of the relay or the pumping station with the other relay?