Post patch torvald

So how are we all finding torvald now? Viable or not enough done?

What perks do you guys like with him?

Very viable, capacity.


Great assault again. Just takes skill to use this time around. Reload speed seems best.

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I use quick switch, like to switch between his Shrapnel Grenade and Auto-shotgun, soon as I fire of his mortars quick switch back to his shotty.

I’ve only played him against computer so far, he feels a little better to aim with.

When I’ve played against hi as monster he’s done virtually no damage which is why I asked. Must have been playing some terrible shots.

I’ve heard good things about him, but haven’t seen him, or played him yet. Been too obsessed with Jack, who is now my favourite hunter :smiley:

broken too easy to use now.


Torvald is fine now


HA! knew there would be one person.

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Yea, in the right hands maybe… like those who have put like hours and hours of effort to actually learn how to use them nerfed…

cough me cough

He is fine, not broken just learn to dodge them.

Now there are two. :stuck_out_tongue: He really, really is. Granted, I’ve been using him for a long time, but even so. He’s just broken right now. I’ve argued this countless times before his prior nerf, and I’m tired of it, so I won’t push. I just refuse to fight him in this state.

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The thing is that he requires the most amount of skill out of all of the assaults in order to be effective. even now he takes a lot of skill to use. (I cannot hit good wraiths for the life of me and I have trained with nerfed torvald for manymanymanymany hours) now they are a bit faster and are in a very good place.

Then again I did not mind them at 10 gravity because I had the ability to destroy monsters with him at that time. maybe 12 gravity if people are having problems with him? I wouldn’t care too much even if I cannot punish the monster for evolving too close to me unless i find them within 1 second of them starting it up.

in essence if they got re-nerfed I wouldn’t care since i am skilled with him but others would disagree so idk.

Eh? Really? I’ve clearly not faced a good one yet. I’ve yet to use him against a player monster so I’ll have to see how effective he is. It seems strange to me that the difference of 3 Gravity has powered him to the point of broken, considering he was fairly useless before.

its not the 3 gravity that makes him pretty hard to counter right now

I disagree, actually. Whatever, I’m tried of arguing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I would say Parnell still needs more skill.

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What is then?

new trapper synergy makes torvald super hard to counter

Kraken is still a pain, the other Monsters are now a balanced opponent for Torvald. I feel he’s in a really good spot now.

To be fair though, I’d have liked it if his Shotgun did more damage and the Mortars took longer to reload.
Now most of his damage comes from the Mortars and his Shotgun is nothing more than a gimmick to keep the Monster occupied while the Mortars recharge.

Thank you, Shin. ^.^