Post Patch Markov


As a guy who has all the assaults elite (even Torvald) and most wins on any of them with Markov (91) this post patch Markov is practically useless. I get the fact that they needed to nerf the arc mines and I agree with changing them. However the fact that they reduced the health, arm time, AND the damage is just absurd. I mean if it was just the arm time and health reduction I’d be fine no worries. But with the 20% damage reduction? That’s just salting the wound. It even seems like they halved the damage with the mines by how little they do. I feel like the damage should’ve stayed because if you step into a giant, glowing, red semisphere you deserve to be taking that damage. Hell you can just melee them when they’re not armed and 1 hit them. Now a days I barely pass 4k damage with the mines because sometimes the monster forgets one or two of the mines to destroy.

And the fact that Markov’s lightning gun does so little damage, it now takes forever to kill a monster. I still get games where my lightning gun damage is 15k+ but those are long games. And yes it has longer range and auto lock but with the rest of his damage being almost non existent, the lightning gun is now bad as well. With his assault rifle doing minimal damage like it’s supposed to, the mines nerfed to hell, and his lightning gun doing small damage Markov is just the least effective assault as of now.

To compare to the other assaults Hyde now has insanely strong dps and AoD with his toxic grenades, A strong yet short ranged flamethrower, and a newly buffed minigun. Hyde has two heavy damage dealers and now a much better long range weapon. Parnell has his shotgun and rocket launcher, both good damage dealers by themselves, and then adding super soldier on top of that, great damage dealers, his only downside is now AoD like Markov or Hyde, and he has to have better aim. And Torvald is just straight damage, shrapnel plus auto fire shotgun = death, mortars= death (I’m expecting a reload speed time nerf on those mortars). Markov has an average assault rifle, a weak main gun (compared to those of other assaults), and an easy to get rid of, low damage AoD.

But that’s just a salty Ex-Markov Main ranting. RIP my fallen Martian, I’ll always miss your glory days.


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