Post-Match Talk


(Just another story of my time playing, maybe meant to entertain or have people go ‘hey, that happened to me’, but not flaming or anything else.)

So I was playing earlier today on PS4. I was fighting pub players, one among them (let’s call him Tyrantslayer) who you will become intimately familiar with.

I was Behemoth, trying out my new bought-on-a-whim jade skin, and honestly got destroyed. Not a strike on them. After the game, I congratulated the team and said gg, and Tyrantslayer replied in kind. The match after, I was part of the pub as Crow, and he went with Goliath.

He only got one strike, on Hank, and the match ended with the clock running and him at Stage 2. I entered the post-game lobby, congratulated him, and my word did he have some things to say.

He unleashed a massive slew of profanity, calling us cuties and fire hydrants. Saying that we should suck his dinosaur. He would not stop telling us to go fluff ourselves. I asked him why he was being so toxic, and he immediately assumed I was part of a team with the other players and viciously asked for a rematch. Despite that being the entire point of Skirmish.

I chose Behemoth again as I was selected Monster, and I won at Stage 3. Post-game he was sarcastically mocking me for wishing him a good game, giving me acidic lip about how if he hadn’t glitched out he would have walked all over me, and so on and so forth. My next game (as Goliath) I disconnected due to internet troubles, and didn’t honestly have the heart to play further today.

Tyrantslayer, that isn’t your name, but both you and I know who you are. Why are you playing this game if you’re not having fun? Please, for all that is shiny and warm, put the controller down and stare soulfully at the horizon for a few hours.

Thanks all for reading.

tl;dr Super toxic guy, could not figure out why. He messed up my heart and from the lobby I did depart.


Welcome to the PS4…jk that happens on Xbox One too

People are always going to be salty whenever they loose. It’s part of the game. Take it as a compliment and keep om doing what you are doing, if haters are going to hate on you for winning, that is their problem!

Happy Hunting from a fellow Behemoth player!


Probably the best tl;dr I have ever seen!


I can only understand his attitude if he did in fact bug out as I have had this happen many times and its so annoying because it ruins the game where it could have been an easy win, but other then that I love having close intense games win or lose its what makes this game so fun!


Nothing understandable about lashing out at other players like that even if one does bug out.
It’s not the players fault…


I’ve run into toxic players before, but normally they’re the kind who will brag to the highest clouds when they win and disconnect when they lose. It was the first time I’ve had a guy slap my face with a ton of slurs.

If Tyrantslayer bugged out due to glitches I would understand if he was raging against the game, yeah, but some of those things he said were definitely not things I’d say because I lost a single match of Evolve to glitches, and most of them were directed at me specifically (probably because I was the only one with a mic). I know that it was only that game which got him going because the match before, when I lost as Behemoth, he was perfectly civil and said gg like everyone else.

So a single game took him from that to calling me a synonym for cigarettes.

But ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, even with my deteriorating internet and lack of real skillz as Behemoth, I DID win against his pub the second time I fought them and it felt awesome, especially after I was steamrolled the first match. Gotta celebrate the little things! Behemoth 4 lyfe!