Post-Game Animations That Might Shift the Tone Favorably


I’m having a great time with this game. It’s as close to balanced as can reasonably be expected upon launch, and I have no doubt Turtle Rock Studios is paying close attention to the indignant bullshit coming out of every forum-poster’s mouth. With that in mind, this is a lighthearted suggestion regarding the game’s tone for the simple sake of conversation:

Chiefly, an animation accompanying the post-game stats page that coordinates who won with which character(s) was defeated. Examples:

  • A Goliath juggling Bucket’s head if he defeats a team with Bucket. The Wraith would be playing catch with itself using the head. The Kraken would be rolling it up and down its tentacles.
  • The group of hunters sitting around a fire with the monster roasting atop it. Those hunters would be using chopsticks if the Kraken was defeated, holding bones if the Goliath was defeated, or throwing up if the Wraith was defeated.
  • A Goliath picking its teeth with a hunter’s leg bone (any human hunter).
  • Any of the monsters could be playing around or experimenting with any of the hunters’ tools, to comedic effect. The Lazarus device, in particular, could provide some pretty funny results.
  • Which brings me to Lazarus, who could be reviving, Frankenstein-style, any of the monsters in a post-game scene.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

While these scenes would provide a nice bookend to the conversations at the beginning of the round, they’d also lean the game in the direction of a lighter tone, which is something I think it desperately needs. The seriousness of the cut scenes and conversations in no way match the overarching premise of the game. It’s just too far removed from reality for the developers to have taken it so seriously. Now, I’m not saying they should go full Borderlands on it, but they should recognize that nobody is watching these cut-scenes or listening to this dialogue with the intent or desire to take it seriously.

Have a little fun with it. It’s a video game. A multiplayer-only video game. About giant monsters. There are lightning guns, resurrection devices, a dog thing named Daisy, a stereotypical Russian guy with absolutely no personality. Turtle Rock: release yourself from any narrative ambitions and let loose with some goofiness.