Post-game "Amount of Healing" counter for Slim?


One thing I find really unsatisfying when I’m playing Slim is not knowing how much HP I healed. Currently it only shows the damage done, but I kinda wanna know just how effective I was at healing. Is it because it’s a Class Ability and therefore has no counter? It’d be nice to know how much I healed, alongside the damage dealt.


I personally want a lot more data on the end screen. Things like: Self healing, healing done by specific abilities, damage done to monster armor, damage done to monster health, stats for specific teammates/the monster, ETC. The endgame screen has been extremely lacking in regard to end of game stats IMO.


Yeah you could always play Emet, his Healing Buoy Bursts tells you how much it heals…

It’s always funny when you hit 100K+


That would be nice, but that would make the screen crowded. Perhaps an “Advanced” tab? I would also like to propose that end-game stats be revisitable, and not disappear into the abyss once the 15 seconds are up. Yknow, like Warframe (WF has a View Last Mission Progress bar or something in their menu that lets you check what items you got, how many enemies you killed, abilities you activated, etc.)
It would also give time for screenshots and whatnot.


I do play Emet sometimes, but it doesn’t feel as rewarding for me since I’m technically not doing the healing myself–the buoys are. It doesn’t feel like I’m healing thousands of health. But with Slim/Val/Caira, it does.


My first thought is something like a spread sheet where there are multiple tabs for each player. Like, along the left you would have the specific items/sources of damage/healing and along the top side you would have qualifiers or whatever, healing done to assault, damage done to armor/health, ETC. But yah, that would be more crowded of an endgame screen, not that I personally care too much about that ATM. It would still be far better than what we have, and how crowded it would look/seem would be purely based on how they were able to implement it.


It’s totally you that’s doing the healing.

I mean with that thought I guess you’re never the one doing the healing.

Caira’s nades are doing the heals not you.

Slim isn’t even directly healing the team he’s just bursting while being a blood thirsty bug man being all violent.

And Val… she be all like “I choose who lives and dies!” because she be all like “Imma heal you when I feel like it when this twat stops bleeding!” and and uh… um…

Yeah I dunno nevermind.

Yeah there should be a total heals thing. End of story.


OH HELL YEAH. Would that also mean that we’d get to see other hunter’s post-game stats too? Maybe we’re just information whores


That’s what I want anyways!


But in all of them, your finger’s doing the clicking and the pewpew and the healing D: EMET’s just kinda… floomp and +41 +41 +41


Well you’re the one tossing out the heals like a floaty healing grenade? Eh?


Adding a simple counter for the Class ability would help so much.

How much the Healing Burst healed, how much the Shield Burst shielded, how much damage the Matrix prevented, how many times you scanned the monster.