Post # color circles changed


and they suck now !!!


Yeah. Not sure how I feel about it.

The red and blue clash way too hard and bug out the eyeballs.


These are complimentary colors.

Not the red/teal we have now :stuck_out_tongue:


This new Red is Hideous


Yeah, the automatic updating of the forum included new styling meant for “light” forum styling and it does not work with ours. We’ve notified the correct people :smile:


Yeah, clearly they forgot to add styling for the Dark and Broody themed folk too! :wink:

A simple fix I am sure based on the admin settings I would guess


I think that an acceptable apology would be to allow even more people into the Alpha :smiley:


Anybody else click a reply (so it shows the posts above it the in the “chain”)? I just did on one of @MacMan’s posts and it shows everyone above him tagged in orange like they are devs. Even @Plaff is orange instead of blue.


That’s strange, might be worth pointing that out to the guys at discourse @DanYouhon


I get this too from my perspective. I will say though, the new updated color scheme is kinda nice!


The new Black / Red are very nice. Much better than the red/black/teal horror earlier. It pleases my eye holes.


might be better inverted


Nice to know that tiny things like this are noticed and acknowledged by you guys. Good deal