Post Beta Unlocks


During the Beta We gradually Unlock hunters, Medals, unlocks. But during the Xbone Beta Turtle Rock said we got to Keep hunters we unlocked. What about the Elite skins, Medals, monsters and Star progress? Do we get to keep any of that?


naw just characters.


It was confirmed that only character unlocks would carry over, not character mastery, level, or perks. Furthermore, you needed to be on Xbox One with a My2K account signed in to have progress carry over. If you did all that, you’ll be fine.


I did play the Xbox one and i didn’t have a 2k account then. Shouldn’t it be Linked to my Xbox Profile?


It needs to be a my2k account. I think. Don’t quote me on that.


it wasnt mentioned you needed to be signed into your 2k account LOL. not that im complaining doesnt take much effort to unlcok chars anyways.


it is true it does not take to long to unlock characters but its like once you got them you wanna have them. i hope not 2K accout link cos i didn’t do it. and i can’t be bothered to grined both Val & Lazurs again. fine with like leveling them up but i want more choose at the start ya know?


It takes like 2-5 games to rank up first star levels man. I wouldn’t get upset over that.


Yeah your right & as Val it took me 1 match, i thought i got lucky, is it really that easy?


Your saved data from the beta is what keeps the character unlocks not the 2k account so you’ll be fine even if you deleted the beta


are you sure that it is the save of the beta that means that you get those characters. i only ask this because of what everyone else says and i am really worried that i wont get the unlocks from the beta.


Yes there’s a thread somewhere that says it the 2k account is only for companion app connection and getting masteries reduced and all that


Here it is Unlocks from Beta


Cheers for the link and i can now play in peace.


it is confirmed that you do unlock every character that you got in the beta without the need for a my2k account.