Post-2.3.8, Reload Perk still does not affect special abilities


This item is included in the patch notes:

"All Platforms (Micropatch)

Bug Fixes
    Hunter class special ability cooldowns are properly affected by Quick Reload Perk and Megamouth Elite wildlife Buff."

This is not correct. I’ve tested it and Lazarus’ Personal Cloak still has a 25s cooldown irrespective of whether you take the Reload Perk.


Are you in Solo or multiplayer?


I tested it in Solo.


Test it in multiplayer, it very well could be like how perks weren’t affected until entering MM, so id give it a shot


Tested now in Multiplayer match-made public round.

Still no effect. The Reload Perk does not affect Lazarus’ Personal Cloak, which remains 25s.

Platform is PC.

The patch-notes are incorrect - 2.3.8 does not fix this issue.


It doesnt affect his cloak, it effects slot 1,2,4 3 is not effected which is that characters special ability class ability is the burst,shield,cloak and dome



Patch 2.3.8 was supposed to fix this; the patch-notes state that it does. But it has not done so. The special ability still is not affected by the Reload Perk, though it is supposed to be.


It is effected by it now, but you’d have to compare someone else with and without the perk cause it might be just Laz or everyone


It is not affected by it.

Now tested on Hank’s Orbital Barrage and Parnell’s Supersoldier Ability - 60s cooldown for the first, 30s for the second - and it is the same whether you take the Reload Perk or not.

2.3.8 does not make the Reload Perk affect special abilities.


I just want to say that elite megamouth was always giving shorter cooldown ONLY on ur 4th abillity


I don’t think it should do that much anyway, Reload is the only perk that effect 75%-100% of hunters loadout by giving you faster recharging everything.


the devs said it should and they wanted to fix it…


Yeah I know, but every attempt seems to not work, I think its a really powerful perk that should only work for some hunters(Laz/Parnel) but I think its too much on others.


it will never work

just give it


Over 4 months trying to fix a single perk, what is this madness? This is the thing I’ve wanted to be fixed from the start yet we’re only getting balance patches.


That same Recharge Perk is available to the Monster and it affects all 4 of the Monster’s abilities.


So the patch notes are talking about the class abilities, i.e. heal burst, cloak, shield and dome.

@Macman previously said that the issue with the bug last patch was that the underlying code meant that just changing the numbers did the wrong thing on reload so this patch would return the abilities back to what happened before the last hotfix… that is that class abilities are affected, but hunter specific abilities like cloak would need a title update to fix.

So unless anything is changed we need to wait for the title update to fix things like Laz’s cloak.


Lazarus’ Personal Cloak is not a Class Ability, it is a unique ability that only Lazarus has. The medic’s class ability is the Heal Burst. Therefore this change does not apply to Lazarus’ Personal Cloak.


So then shouldn’t it be affected by the reload perk and the mammoth bird buff, like Hank’s orbital, but not affected by the megamouth buff


@MajorLeeHyper Pretty sure it has been confirmed on multiple occasions that even unique hunter abilities are supposed to be effected by reload speed.

If I remember correctly, this was part of the reason Caira got nerfed because her acceleration field was coming up really fast with the reload speed perk.

And, no in the 5 minutes I have looked I can’t find a post confirming it. Can someone help me out on this. I can only find one of macman talking about the cloak and reload speed but he called brill for help on the status of the bug.