Possibly One Of The Best Clutches Ever?


This is indeed my gameplay and I just felt so great after this game. Just wanted to share this and also prove that Cabot isn’t useless now. @Plaff this is the game you got disconnected from :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome comback?!

First post.



Lol oh forgot to paste it


Cabot was never useless. People don’t get to do their same cheesy spam for absurd damage so whine whine whine. If they rebalance Bucket to make him useful they might need to make some more tweaks to Cabot so they don’t just trade places, but he’s okay right now.


Yeah I agree he was never useless, I’m just supporting this by showing how I did as Cabot.


Nice 1v1 win.


His DMG AMP is still OP! (Joke)

He is supposed to “support” the hunter, not deal high damage to monster 1V1. So I guess it’s fair now.


NICE!. that epic pounce fail lol.

man i wish i woulda recorded this one match…i was crow and he had a bar of hp and full armor. everyone else was dead. I got to a sliver of hp and boom he cc locked me. i was like shyt shyt shyt until finally i dodged his vortex and I do a 90 degree swipe with the hp shot on his face and land it before the heavy landed. I had 15% hp…


Thanks 10 chars


Lol yeah he was trying so hard


The best clutch is winning as hunters when your support dies at the start due to a bug and comes back with 2 strikes