[Possibly Fixed] My brother lost 7 points in ranked when we won


Hey, we just played a determining rank on hunt 2.0 he was new and we won under 2 mins. When it came up to show points all of us got 1 point but my brother lost 7. What is this?

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Because he won against a team he should have beaten easily.

This will provide more information :slightly_smiling:


But he did win…

I’m pretty sure you always gain points for a win, and always lose points for a loss. However, I believe I remember a dev saying that it’s possible you’re seeing your client catch up with what the server has. Did you guys lose a match just before that?


He didnt win hard enough.


Not necessarily.


I take that to mean that the system is more complicated than adding x points for a win and subtracting x points for a loss.

What do you mean ‘should have beaten easily’? He said they won in under 2 minutes.

Also, later in that post:

Also there’s a tip in game that says pretty simply win in ranked, gain points. Lose in ranked, lose points. I hope they wouldn’t put that in there if it’s not always true.


Beating someone less skilled than you didn’t increase your rank and if they are really lower than you it could possibly decrease your rank. If he lost to that same player(s) he could have lost way more than 7 points.

This might help a little better:


So, game throws you against weaker players, then punishes you regardless of outcome?


That’s what I’m trying to say. I don’t think that happens. Thanks for putting it more simply. :slight_smile:

@TheMountainThatRoars I’ve read that post before. I don’t remember anything in it implying you could lose points on a win.


So under the current system - it should be impossible for you to lose points when you win (although the standard Glicko algorithm will do that to you).

This would be a bug if it did happen.

That being said, it is possible that your brother had gotten out of sync with the server somehow and when it went and checked it saw that his real score was lower and the UI updated. That shouldn’t happen, but is much more likely.

Losing points after a win

According to Tara then, he either de-synced ot it’s a bug. And I am incorrect! :slightly_smiling:

Edit: Partially wrong You can lose points for wimning against a low ranked player, Evolve’s version might not be the same though.

As you can see a rating difference of 400 is roughly equal to a 90% chance of winning the game, while a difference of 800 gives you a 99% chance of winning. Or in other words, if you have a rating of 2400, then the system expects you to win 99 times out of 100 against a player with a 1600 rating. If you aren’t able to do that then you are rated too high. That’s also why you immediately lose points, even if you just lose one heat against a low ranked player.

The system will look at only the heats within the single match. So it will see that you lost 1 out of 5 games, and change your rating according to that. If you then win the next 95 heats as expected, you will regain your score.



That’s correct, with our version it currently not happen. It’s part of our slightly modified algorithm.


WAIT he won agest a team he beat? how little sense does that make XD :ok_hand:



Thank you everybody


Be sure to let us know if it happens again!


Well, it seems that we are entering into “new phase” :frowning:
I can also confirm, that strange things happen - about 30 mins ago I lost a match and I GOT PLUS ONE POINT. I mean: I lost the match and my rank went up.

[edit:] I truly am far from criticizing something by default. But I made my telemetry and something strange is happening with ranking system. Two matches in a row with the same team (the same people) and totally different results ? +2 then +24 ? You cannot explain that by WLR or something else. How much could my WLR change by winning 1 match ? By the way my stats are 35 wins, 6 losses. So I have no idea for what I would be punished ?

[edit2:] I lost in good style - ha! :sunglasses:


I am bringing another case here…

@SirLOL reported also, that…
“I just won a match as monster and lost 4 points”


Last week there was 5 games in a row i lost points for won games.


Hmmm, let me follow up on this when I’m back in the office Monday.