Possible Wraith Variant Idea


What if they made a Wraith varient that had a traversal like Behemoth’s? You would press the button and instead of doing one burst of speed you will have a continous one until you run out of energy. It would obviously be slower than the regular warp though, so you dont go flying around at the speed of light. The only huge problem I see with this is sky wraith being taken to a whole new level.


*what if the new variant made the wraith good?


*what if the new variant made all of the wraith players not pussies


I feel the warp thing might not be a good idea because it would make her very predictable IMO.

And the element of surprise is wraiths greatest advantage but I think if she could make sharp turns while warping then that might solve the issue.

And could people just stop saying ALL wraith players flee till 3? Or go 3 points decoy? I’m absolutely sick and tired of it :angry:

And wraith IS very vaible in compitetive she’s equal to kraken IMO but I think others say she’s close to him


From what I know most people on the forums dont even use decoy, including me.


I play wraith I’m not a pussy =/

@SQUAry_berry395 I don’t think she’s quite equal to kraken maybe after next title update when abduct gets fixed.


“And wraith IS very vaible in compitetive she’s equal to kraken IMO but I think others say she’s close to him”

Wraith gets destroyed in comps. I see more regular Goliaths than Wraiths because of how ass she is.


I’m so excited for it to be actually working now,hopefully I can abduct hunters from 50-60 meters, maybe smell range will make a return on wraith


Whats even the problem with abduct anyway? I hit it pretty much every time, so I dont see a problem. The closest thing to a problem I have had is when you try to get a hunter and fly past them, then somehow catch them at the end of the abduct.


Could you provide specific hunters/comps cuz Im sure wraith can beat everything, Val sunny is definitely the most challenging as wraith, tranqed are VERY brutal against wraith and hunters can just jet pack up with the booster to avoid wraith.


Yea that’s a bug many people have.

The biggest issue for me is when I hit abduct DEAD ON it dosent carry them and that can be a game changer there are many other things.

I suggest to roam the forums and look for some bugs about abduct then You’ll understand, you’re so lucky to not face these bugs unlike the others >.<


Hyde, Jack, Hank, Val is a pretty anti-Wraith team. Jack can negate any pressure from either Wraith or Decoy while Hank and Val provide support. Hyde can use his flames to stop her bullshit decoy games.

Abe and be an annoyance and Parnell is fucking terrifying when your armor is gone.

These opinions come from my own experiences against 5 star silver and gold teams.


Thats why I no longer play Hunt 2.0. Its like you always have to use a certain comp no matter what, or a certain monster.


You can still win. I came pretty close against that team.

I fought near tyrants and nomads while getting strikes on support and medic. I killed everyone except the trapper but by the time I caught up to him the dropship came in. The only real thing that stopped me was the Wraith’s fucking traversals and Jack’s 180 degree bullshit.


So the bugs I’ve gotten with abduct are

abduct fails to grab but I return to my starting point after hitting them and sometimes it does damage sometimes it doesn’t

abduct fails to grab but continues past the hunters usually happens when I aim up I hit them they continue to fall and I continue up into the sky sometimes happens when only a portion of my monster hits them

abduct bounces around after grabbing marsh striders or I go past an object and on the return trip collide with it and abduct doesn’t return to starting point but after hitting the object moves forward sometimes 10 meters or so.

another common bug is abduct grabs them but they can continue firing can be extremely painful against lennox

less common bugs are go for an abduct someone dodges behind something like a tree I collide with tree and pull them back to me happened 3 times so far to me.

I’ve also gotten the bug where I’ll brush against a hunter continue past them and they’ll teleport to my arms at the range limit of abduct.


Val and Hank?

Burst through the shield and go all out on Val,or down Hank


Burst through the repulsor


Try your best to avoid him by keeping distance from his flame thrower and toxic.

I suggest you try going against s good sunny she’s deadlier against wraith than Hank IMO.

But we all have our opinions I suppose


*i wish it was that simple as how you make it sound


Of course not.

It’s not simple i never said it was, it’s UNBELIEVABLY HARD against that comp but those are some things you should do that CAN win you strikes.

I go damage buff on wraith so that must be why it’s easier to down hunters, so of course almost all the wraith players that I know go movement speed or traversal which means they have a harder time getting strikes.


Permastun Hank, then Val. Gg.

But we have TONNES of Wraith balance threads, this isn’t one. :stuck_out_tongue:


just give me toxic sludge behemoth.