Possible Wraith Solution


A lot of people have been complaining about the Wraith and I think the complaints are quite fair. The stealth striker has some notable issues that do make it feel unpleasant to hunt - and in a game you don’t want that. You want to feel you have a chance to take out any monster.

However some people think it fine to just shout “it OP. Nerf it” without offering any advice on the how. Its typical but I want to be more productive. So here are my thoughts on how to make hunting a Wraith more fun (via reducing some of its effects):

  1. Don’t let decoy’s taking tracking darts/ radiation dust/ tranquilizers/ etc… Most novice’s will see a Wraith and assume “kill it!” only to find it was a decoy. Unfortunately the only hint what you’re shooting at is a decoy is a lack of a health bar/ damage being applied. So lets change that. If Wraith is hit with a tracker, let the original keep it. It gives a second clue to let players know if they’re fighting the real deal or not. Its a subtle change, but could help a lot.

  2. Make Decoy Cost Armor The effect of the Decoy causes Wraith to separate from itself, creating an extra copy. While there is a cooldown in this, the power of the misdirection here is huge. So lets make it cost a bit. Like a snake shedding its skin, Wraith looses a Bar of Armor. If it has no armor, it looses nothing (meaning it can be used when vulnerable at no cost).

  3. Make Decoy Two Abilities Specifically, a cloak AND a clone as two separate effects. Your option then is two forms of misdirection. Give each a bit of a boost (e.g.: Clone lasts longer at higher levels, Cloak does more damage on the first attack made per level) and you could have something there.
    Of course this would mean taking away an ability, but I think it has merit. Taking away Warp Blast would be my preference here as its basically a 4th Dash with an explosive attack at the end. See below.

  4. Reduce Warp Blast As mentioned above, Warp Blast is a 4th Dash which makes Wraith very swift, though her x3 dashes already make her quick enough as is! Compared to Kraken and Goliath, their ‘leaps’ at least offer the ability to get a bead on them and take shots while they move. Wraith doesn’t even offer that.
    So my suggestion here is make this the Clone ability, with Wraith “launching” the clone in a set direction. In doing so, you can choose where to draw the hunter’s attention while you attack elsewhere (creating the misdirection effect).

Any of these would have merit I feel. They would keep Wraith’s theme in play, potentially encouraging even more tactical thinking, and make hunters feel they have a bit more a chance in taking this evasive worm down without feeling its completely helpless.



My issues with the Wraith haven’t been with Decoy but with finding her. I would suggest an increase in warp cool down or a very slight decrease in movement speed.


again this… read the 1 trillion threads also existing, discussing EXACTLY those points.