Possible tier 6 hunter leak! (Clickbait)


so i found this image of a silhouette that i believe to be a leak of a tier 6 assault.


the rumor is that he is really weak but once he dies he turns into a monster himself!
this theory may be supported by this quote from Kala’s official cannon

yes that was a man, this man, this hunter from tier 6.

further analysis shows there is an odd contraption with strings around his waist. possibly a new jet pack design based on gorgon’s web sling?

i hear that if he hits the monster from behind near the neck it will do massive amounts of damage… i don’t know about you but i think this is too OP for me…

i hear he can completely negate behemoths rockwall ability as well, however this process is still a mystery.

the last bit of information i got is that his name is A-A-Ron YEEgar. possibly taking inspiration from some internet memes.


Please share some of your own theories on A-A-Ron YEEger.


I am very sure you are completely aware that is the silhouette of an Attack on Titan character.


“It looks like one of my japanese animes”


“(clickbait)” my evil plan has been foiled again!


Omg, thank god for the “Clickbait” part or 6,000 people would have killed you at your doorstep


lol. i saw the clickbait in title but i wanted to see what was the post. pretty funny.