Possible T4 Adaptations Confirmation


For those of you (like myself) who were unaware of the current events occurring in the “Let’s talk 8.1a!” thread, @GentlemanSquirl spoke a few key words.

Now if you don’t notice it immediately I’m pointing this out:

Additionally this post was made in reply to @Azmi_Anuar pointing this out:

So it would seem that TRS does indeed have at least a set of T4 adaptations/variants planned or in development already.
Originally we knew the original three tiers would be the ones to get adaptations but now all original tiers plus the first DLC tier is known to get adaptations, sadly we have no idea whether T5 will be getting a chance at adaptations.

Something to remember however; the adaptations that are currently complete/undergoing balance/whatever else will not be released all at once, once Title Update 9.0 drops. All variants/adaptations will be slowly trickled out just like Tier 5 to prevent unnecessary headaches for the balance team while it is also much easier in general.
Most likely variants will be released a few weeks apart after TU09 so don’t get excited hoping we get the full Hunters from Tier 2 and the full Tier 3 right off the start.


We will see where this will lead, an interesting revelation.

I’m curious to see if they do go over with this, is if it’ll be a free character or something that only people who already have Sunny will get.

Damn it I had a Slim twerking joke for this.


The way I see it is the way I always have, that being that any and all DLC adaptations will be free to those who own the DLC content.

That meaning if you own Sunny then you own Sunny v2 and if you own Behemoth then you own Behemoth v2 but if you do not then they will be locked until you buy the Hunting Season or the corresponding character.

In this it would lessen the DLC headache that some people have about the game, it would make more people believe the seasons are worth it since then you’d be getting 10 characters per pass instead of 5 (more bang for your buck) and it’s generally more sensible.

Now you’ve just reminded me that I will have a 2 in 36 or a 2 in 40 (if T5 gets adaptations) chance to fight a Slim.



How do you have a Possible Confirmation? That’s an oxymoron! :wink:


Adaptation Slim’s spores does nothing. :wink:

Can’t wait for a Bob adaptation! :smiley:


I always look forward to the Monster adaptations most :grimacing:


I was really excited to read about more possible adaptions! They add so much to the game and T4 and T5 would be so interesting to see.


Another “possible confirmation” post here that you may want to add.


yea, I do think there will be variants of t4. I think Brandon accidentally revealed it without knowing lol

Thank You! @GentlemanSquirl

Our prayers have been answered

Now about Tier 6…


Nothing is “confirmed” only a possibility. :slight_smile:


Not saying it is. :wink:


Oh, I was replying to Kishan.





Yeah, I was pretty psyched when this came up (hence my comment immediately following Squirl’s post). Hoping really hard for a Torvald adaption with a flak cannon of some kind. And Behemoth. So many cool thing in store for post TU9.


You know what this means, don’t ya guys?



But probably not a snow leopard.


…tier 6?


It could still be Leopard themed! Blitzleopards exist!


I hope so.