Possible solution for CTD issue Windows 10


So it has been a while since I encountered a crash till desktop (CTD) issue when playing Evolve, up until today after I had played for about 2 hours. So I went ahead and took a look into my MSinfo file and found only two Windows errors for today, all related to faulty app dwm.exe and faulty module combase.dll. Since that doesn’t really say much about the cause, I decided to investigate and stumbled upon a fix for that issue mentioned here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/windows-10-dwmexe-errors/14da23c8-e3f7-4f46-bd36-98bc20d3a50d?auth=1.

In there, one mentioned that it seems to be linked to a connected Xbox 360 controller (which I have, a wireless one, to play as monster). The solution seems to be to disable fast startup from power configuration screen.

So I’ll try this out and see if this works. If others still have CTD issues with Evolve, and they have a Windows 10 computer with a Xbox 360 controller, this workaround is worth to try (it can’t hurt either).