Possible Singleplayer Addition in the Future?


Don’t get me wrong. I love Evolve and I love everything they’ve done with it so far but if there’s something I find lack lustre it is the single player experience. Which is fine I knew that when I ordered it. But I would like to have a better time if for any reason my internet goes down. So I propose an idea to the good people at TRS, make a short series of single player missions where we get to dive into the various factions in Evolve. A series that addresses some of the questions around character’s origins, monster origins all that sort of stuff. Like in some of the starter quotes for instance between Hyde and Griffin, Hyde mentions a T.V show. Griffin was part of a T.V show? I would love to know more about this. How Cabot came to become a man who leads a group of people who run around killing monsters. There is so much back story here that is unexplained and I help that would really help flesh out the game a bit more.

Anyway happy hunting all!