Possible New Monster Format Thread

I was thinking that the monster suggestions are very interesting, however, we are missing a centralized format for suggesting new monsters.

So I decided to create my own :smiley:

Monster Name:----------

Monster Description
Description of Appearance:----------------------

Monster Attributes
Ability Name 1:---------------
Ability 1 Description: ------------------

Ability Name 2:---------------
Ability 2 Description: ------------------

Ability Name 3:---------------
Ability 3 Description: ------------------

Ability Name 4:---------------
Ability 4 Description: ------------------

More Abilities can be added as needed

Passive Ability Name 1:
Passive Ability 1 Description:

Same with Regular Abilities you can add more as needed

Miscellaneous information can be added here that does not fit in an outlined category

Paste image here

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We have one of these already. Just look deeper in the monster category.

too lazy to link

I’m not opposed to staring a new one, however.

The other one is too low-profile and most people just create their own thread.

I could also start to compile suggestions by copying and posting them with the creators name in it.

Is it this one?

Like this one?


woops. Sorry for double post.

Yeah like that, but tweak all of them into my format to get it more organized.

Yeah this one and one other that has the same format with abilities and such.

I really don’t know, this was just a light-hearted idea.

There is one with format. Format threads usually aren’t that popular because people have ideas, not fully fledged characters. This often translates into one or two post a week in the format thread, with 20 posts in the idea thread.

Yeah… didn’t mean to bash on it or anything. I peraonally am for a new thread.

Ah well, that seems like quite the waste.

If I was a developer I wouldn’t waste my time looking through 30 minutes of ideas that would be 1. Too hard to program for too little return. 2. Time waste on a high scale.

The idea of this was to organize OTHER people’s ideas for a better, easier way to read with more practical ideas.

Actually, they are not allowed to read any of them.

If I was a developer, but I am obviously not (lol)

If you were a TRS developer, you would not be allowed to read them.

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Okay then, this will be for people who like to not read that 30 minutes of blabber, ok?

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Copy that. ^^

I’ll even do an example for you ^-^

No, I mean “Copy that” as in “I understand”. :sweat_smile: Sorry, I should have been more clear.

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Ok, so…

No wait…

Ok, I got one.

There’s like, this monster. And it like, kills people with lasers. But they come out of it’s eyes.

And it’s got like 50 eyes.


I knew what you meant :smile: