Possible new hunter?


Who would be considered a cyborg? The closest person I can think of is Markov with his eye piece but I don’t think it’s surgically attached


That’s why he should have a “gentleman” skin!


Markov is very clearly a cyborg. Look at his arms and his knees. Also, not sure how that robotic eye would work without surgical attachment.


I’d love those monster skins as well… What about an ape/monkey though? either as a Hunter’s pet or a Hunter, it can have a suit and top hat too =P


While he does look like he could be a cyborg, I wouldn’t say he is “clearly” a cyborg. When looking at his arms and his knees, I’m just seeing what appears to be heavy duty (possibly powered) armor. I think he’s wearing something similar to the power suits from Fallout. I think his eye piece is what really gives him the cyborg look. When I look at his “eye” I see it as like a visor to help with weapons targeting, like what Apache gunners wear, only smaller. Again, I’m not claiming to know one way or the other, I’m just saying my opinions. And if any of this is surgically installed, can we get info on what all work he’s had done? @MacMan @SlabOMeat


It does look like he is just wearing heavy duty Master Chief armor. The only thing that resembles a cyborg is that the eye-piece covers most of his right-side head.


Even then, its attached to the rest of his helmet, not standalone on his face


His face piece has bolts in it, meaning it’s attached to him.


What does the “DSW-II” mean, I wonder?


Probably the teir of armor it is or the brand.


Well I gathered it might be, but I meant more of what the acronym is! :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably something related to Space-Russia.


Markov’s badassedness is really underappreciated, guys. Anyway. I could absolutely be wrong, but it seems pretty obvious to me, especially the eyepiece/skullplate.

Back on-topic, does anyone else have any idea of who Bucket could be mentioning? Someone already revealed, perhaps?


Seriously, the more I look at his design the more I love it.

I like him better than Hyde.


Me too. I seem to be pretty at-odds with popular opinion. My I prefer Markov over Hyde, Hank over bucket, and like both of the other classes’ characters equally.


Pardon me sir, but what do you mean by that?


Haha, I know the feeling. I prefer Val over Lazarus but everyone fawns over that Laz device.

Course I guess I DO prefer Hyde over Markov but more for his choice of weapon. That flamethrower looks awesome.


imagined that in Bucket’s voice

I’m referring to the original point of this thread. Bucket mentions a name that has been anomalous so far, and no one really has any idea of who.

@FrontlinerDelta, that Lightning Gun, though!



Oh my, I actually hadn’t noticed that at all! Well this is news to me! I must’ve skipped the first post on accident, but this is some interesting news!


It’s in the video featuring Bucket I believe. At the start before they drop, he was talking about seeing Hyde, Maggie, and someone else playing cards together