Possible new hunter?


I noticed something in the game spot videos recently released…

Check out this video right here, at about 0:19 . http://www.gamespot.com/videos/evolve-trapper-the-next-big-game/2300-6419898/

The hunters are in the dropship, and bucket says he saw hyde playing cards with maggie, griffin and ABE

Did anyone else catch this? I’m not sure if it is a leak, as I thought the name corresponded with the name under the lockers “ahab”, which DamJess commented on: “Ahab is actually the manufacturer of some of the weapons in the game”. Bucket pretty specifically pronounces Abe, or at least he does to my ears.

So what do you think? Could this be the first signs of a new hunter?

Time Traveling Wizard EDIT: This is a super old thread now - Looks like it was right!

Who's Abe?

Wow, nice find.

Doesn’t tell us much, but a name is something I guess.


Nice catch. Sounds more like Aang to me, but that’s almost certainly not it.


hahahaha! Now I’m picturing the avatar jumping from the dropship with his little glider instead of a jetpack. I have no idea how it would be implemented, but an elemental hunter would be the cat’s pajamas. or possibly the bee’s knees. hahahaha.


I have no sound here, does he definitely say Griffin? Because Griffin isn’t on the ship and so if he is talking about at least one hunter not on the ship, it is quite likely he is also talking about another. If it was Lazarus though I would assume the dialogue is contextual to the team and therefore probably not about another hunter. But good find either way.


More or less my thought. He mentions Griffin AND Maggie, so that’s two trappers. It must be independent of composition.


Abe in my ears…! I am stoked to know for sure though!


I am hearing Egg every time… :confused: It might be A though, which might be referring to Lazurus… Remember Lazurus is not his real name, it is Ðorde Živkovic. Maybe he is the first of the 1,000 Lazurus Men and was assigned the Letter A. Or hopefully I am wrong and we will see a tall Hunter in a suit with a cane gun and a top hat :stuck_out_tongue:


No lie, a stylized version of that (a gentle - manly hunter type) would be the absolute bomb.


An enormous curled mustache would be necessary on that character. Possibly even his primary weapon. And if the monster eats him, the next evolution will come with said mustache, a top hat, monocle, and tuxedo. Also upon eating wildlife, the monster washes it down with tea.


Chop-chop, future modders out there.



He DOES give moustaches to other creatures!

Sidenote: A poro monster pls.


No… stop… DO NOT bring LoL into Evolve :angry: I competitively played Smite at a very high level, and Dota 2 I played very well but just didn’t like it all too much. However… League of Legends… #StillB5 #StillPissedAtMatchmaking #GotChatBannedForCursingOutTrolls


I can’t believe no one has brought up this guy


hahahaha! I suppose so. I’d lie if I said gentleman cho’gath didn’t influence that concept at all. On the subject of league, if there is even a kha’zix-esque monster I’d be so psyched. Mantis mosnters are too cool.

also relevant:


Hold on. These are better.

if either one doesn’t show up, just click it and it appears.


This thread is pure win.


Something tells me we’ll see an alien hunter in the future.

We have a bunch of off-world humans, cyborgs, and a robot, but we’re missing one future character archetype.

Going by the story, I have a feeling it would be very possible.

Also, I would pay some serious f*cking money for some dignified, classy, refined, debonair monster skins.


Joking aside, I REALLY like the idea of the gentleman hunter-type! Not all hunters need to be brutish strong-arms (don’t get me wrong I love that too!), but a gentleman with suave grace and class? Haven’t seen that done before…would probably say “jolly good show” after defeating the beast due to proper manners!


Well, Bucket is exactly that from what we’ve been shown.

Maybe less stereotypical than what you want, but still very polite and gentleman-like.

He doesn’t look the part though, him being a robot and all.