Possible Monster Armor Strike Mechanic?


So it’s pretty rough fighting a smart Monster that manages to down one or two hunters per fight, then run away once armor is gone, then repeat up until they get to Level 3. By this time a majority of the team has a few strikes/deaths and now the Monster is Level 3 and probably has gained full armor while you guys were trying to setup at the power relay.

Now there are a few ways to counteract this play-style. One way is to run Lazarus as your medic for the team since his Lazarus Device does not cause a strike. Another is using hunters such as Abe or Bucket that can keep constant tabs on the monster so that you can continue to pressure them.

But sometimes even these options leave you staring down a fully armored Level 3 Monster with a wounded team. I think it would be interesting to implement a similar strike mechanic to the Monster as well. For example, every time a Monsters armor is broken a strike is added so they cannot simply run and just get full armor again once it runs out. They would only be able to get back maybe 90% - 80% and the dropping lower each time armor is broken. I think this would help greatly in balancing the issues players seem to be having with mobile monsters like the Wraith, since it’s mobility allows it to easily escape once it’s armor is depleted.

Let me know what you guys think! And if you have any other strats that work against this play-style, please share!


The issue with this is it causes a huge imbalance against teams or any people who just use communication to work together. The monster already takes permanent health damage.


not to mention if the wraith had an armor strike on it, then it wouldnt really have armor. thats the point of the wraith high mobility and low health/shield


The Monsters penalty is that their Health regens when they evolve, and only to a small degree.
Or, if they find the rare health regen perk.

They need the armor to keep their health intact. With a block on their armor a monster would be at a big disadvantage.
The fight should be tooth and nail till the end.


The idea is you chip away at the monster’s health while you get strikes on your team, kind of like a battle of who gets more permanent damage off. Adding armour strikes would add another permanent damage to the monster unnecessarily.