Possible Minimum Requirements?


I know we are still seven long months before release, but I am wondering if there is any idea about the minimum PC requirements for the game.

I’ve got a AMD dual-core with a 1 Gig GPU which is slowly moving towards old-age. It can handle games like Borderlands 2 and L4D just fine, but I’m wondering if I should start considering an upgrade cycle over the summer.


Without having any specifics for you at this time, we can remind you that our game is running on CryEngine3. So if your system can run Crysis 3 well, then it will do ok for our game.


Great. I can run Crysis 3 on High settings. Close to Ultra. Only thing lacking my video card to hit the Ultra mark.


do you know how big the game will be? in terms or gigs.


Thanks for the reply - I’ll start saving my pennies then.


So if i can run Crysis 3 on Ultra settings (max settings), can i run Evolve at Ultra settings (Max settings)?


Crysis 3 well ? Evolve ok ? You mean that Evolve will demand more “horse power” than Crysis 3 graphically and visually ?
Or same ? or lower ?


Looking at both games typical “levels” I think it will probably demand less than Crysis 3. Crysis 3 is packed with that tall grass, more sophisticated AI scripts running, etc.

Evolve looks a bit more simple as far as lighting goes and doesn’t seem to have as much foliage. Plus it’s a bit more MP focused than Crysis 3 so I imagine they’ll have lower requirements but probably not by much.


Actually downloading Crysis 3 right now to see if I compare alright.

Results soon with specification :smile:


I thought I may mention this also for PC users worrying about their machine spec.



Since we haven’t finished optimizing the game we can’t be certain, but your initial statement is likely. We will require a more powerful machine to get the same frame rate than Crysis 3.


Makes sense seeing as how you needed next gen consoles to make this game where as crysis 3 was on last gen consoles


So how’s the game optimizing so far ? Does Evolve demanding on GPU side or CPU side you think ?