Possible Markov buff and counter for Kraken?


There are barely counters vs a Kraken because it can ignore most of the hunters abilities. Make Markov mines go up in the sky and explode if a Kraken flies above it.


Do you mean you want them to rise to kraken an explode? I don’t see that happening to be honest.


Once Krakens CC bugs are fixed then he’ll be groundable, right into a pile of mines if you can plan ahead :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, RIP Kraken…


I’m just gonna leave this here, but Markov’s mines are already moving all the time.

Make them like a Bouncing Betty? Kraken comes close ping two or three meters up in the air BOOM :stuck_out_tongue:


What are the bugs if you know off the top of your head? All I know is its a bitch to ground kraken at the moment.


He is legitimately ungroundable :confused:
He ignores stasis and poons sooo yeahhhh


That sounds about right >.> I can’t wait till he’s fixed.
Edit: no wonder I’m seeing so many kraken’s. That sushi bastard.


Same, I’ll have an even easier time murderlizing him when I somehow get slapped into hunter


I just wanna burn him a little with Hyde’s flamethrower, I love calamari :stuck_out_tongue: .


Mmmm same.
Now im hungry :cry:


Let’s go kill a kraken and eat him. And have some herbal behemoth tea :slight_smile: .


And some Wraith burgers.
Wraith burgers.
The buns are the best part
Hue Hue


:smirk: Behemoth lava cake for dessert :slight_smile:


Kraken needs to be fixed so he can be pulled down, that’s all I see him needing for now.


Yeah at the moment he’s a slippery bastard :smirk: .


I’d be worried of the implications of leaping mines against other Monsters - I could support it if it only worked against airborne Monsters because energy/electricity/science excuses.

This makes me think of him picking them up with his Lightning Gun like a Half Life 2 Gravity Gun and chucking them at the Monster.

As amusing as that would be, it would probably be too silly for TRS.


Mines would still be unlikely to be practical unless Trappers are allowed to keep him grounded.


Kraken doesn’t need his ranged melee to interrupt raises. He has plenty of other ways to do that. I’d argue that is by far his most powerful ability.

As for Markov’s mines, Having them shoot up in an ‘Arc’ would be interesting, but frankly fixing Kraken’s inability to be grounded is more important. If he’s on the ground he’s vulnerable to the mines.