Possible map? Just Specualation


Could this be a possible map that is in some caverns below ground? There seems to be 3 wildlife in the picture a centipede a giant crab looking animal and another animal under the hunters it could be just another centipede.

The picture reads “So we’re going down there?” Said by Val.
This picture was posted May 10 on there twitter.



Just concept art I believe, but it’s totally possible for the ten other maps we haven’t seen yet.


Ya but I do believe that all three monsters are just centipedes


The bottom one is not a centipede it has claws like a lobster


Unless our last monster is a crab, like Goliath once was, they’re just general creepy crawlies of Shear.


Or pincers like the mouth of a centipede!


We get to play on Skull Island! Awesome. Dibs on giant leech creature!


That thing’s the stuff of nightmares. It’s what I thought of instantly when I saw that picture-- I imagine they’d be like the Mega Mouth… * Shudder *


They could have it so that the leech thing grapples your arm/leg disabling it. You either can’t move or can’t shoot until another player knocks it off you. It slowly encompasses the rest of you including your HUD so that you eventually get eaten if no one helps you fast enough :smile:
How deliciously evil :smiley: