Possible link between old concept art and Meteor Goliath!


Do you think they'll bring either different variations of wildlife or at least more wildlife?


I would love to see more wildlife.


I can find a few for you.


Here's some pictures from Evolve concept artists, some are wildlife.

Lava Formations.

The Tipsy Armadon.

Early Wraith Concept

Reaver Nest.

Monster Egg.

Large prey sketches.

Ice Level Plants.

Forest Plants.

Frozen Waterfalls.

Magma Wyrm.

Ice Lurker.

Sand Swammer.

Canyon Eel (because maybe someone wants to see one up close?). What Hank cooked up for people.


Nice catch dude!

I now want more adaptations of previous concept arts smile


Almost all of these are from the Development of Evolve topic and the Albino Goliath was just the original prototype for Goliath and a new iteration of Scorpid. It wasn't 'Old Meteor Goliath' concept art, it was what he looked like in early development. There are 'prominent' twitchers and youtubers that spread a lot of fallacies and I know that this has been circulated around time and time again for many reasons. Not Meteor Concept art, sorry.

You can find the 3rd revision of Scorpid (Which erventually turned into Goliath) here:

Goliath 2.0 is found here.


What Twitter tease do you speak of, or Lord Rapterror?



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wow nice pics


These are awesome!!!!


Phew, you really came down with the hammer there!

Perhaps I worded it incorrectly but I am well aware it is not concept art for Meteor Goliath specifically. I was just pointing out the fact that old concept art has now been integrated with the new model and concept of adaptations, and was wondering if any other concept art might be indicative of what we will see on the other monsters.


@MacMan if you guys make Behemoth's adaption like the concept art with him being made of pointy rocks, my dreams will be made true and I could finally die happily haha


I agree, also the metallic wraith one.


I dislike people being misled. Nowhere has it been said that the old scrapped Scorpid 3.0/Early Goliath artwork is really Meteor Goliath concept art. This is how rumors and gossip start. Feel free to discuss that they might have been used for inspiration, sure, but when your title specifically says "Old Meteor Goliath" concept art, I take offense at that.

I know you don't mean anything ill will which is why I didn't berate or ask you to change your title. I'm just saying that the wording was quite poor. I also don't see much correlation between Meteor Goliath and 'Albino/Scorpid/ProtoGoliath' as well so I disagree with the assessment that it could be used as concept art itself.

That is all :stuck_out_tongue:


You don't see any similarity between the art of the head variation at the top right of the pic in the OP and the Meteor Goliath head (sorry this is so wordy, trying now to be very accurate)? They are almost identical. It was specifically stated in the OP that I am talking about that particular part of the image, not any of the body concepts or anything else.

If you have a better title suggestion please let me know, I was just excited when I posted and not sure how else to word it without being too wordy. "Old concept art that has a picture of a head that looks like what meteor goliath has" is accurate but... not title-worthy stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


That one image is very, very similar. I wasn't mislead at all, I figured that old concept art had nothing to do with Meteor Goliath, but the similarity is impeccable!!


"Possible link between old concept art and Meteor Goliath" sounds similar to what you are going for. I guess it could be shortened to "Correlation between Meteor Goliath and Concept Art" something like that?


Done, thanks


Is this the "thing" talkin or......