Possible leak of Republic Commando sequel!


I found this while scrounging around in the RC steam forums! Shipped November of 2017! if this isn’t real then i’m going to cry in a corner.


We may finally get to see what happened to Sev


I would be a very happy gamer if this is true. I bought Republic Commando as an impulse buy, not expecting anything in particular. As it happened it turned into my favorite Star Wars FPS. Loved the concept of leading a squad and giving them general directions, but not having to babysit them due to lacklustre AI. They were more than able to look after themselves most of the time which was great, leaving you time to go in guns blazing if you wanted.

They only thing I would say against it, which I think is the general consensus out there, is that the game is too short. If they had made it another 30-40% longer it would have been stellar. Rumors have persisted for years about a sequel, but I really do hope that EA does something awesome with the IP. (And a Easter Egg about the fate of Sev would be nice too - such a cliffhanger ending with no answer!) :smile:


I think there was a sequel planned a while ago (around when the game was released), but it got cancelled