Possible Laz Glitch (Resolved)


Hey guys, i was playing Evolve yesterday as Laz and i continuously noticed that after reviving a team mate using my Laz Hand, said team mate still received a strike for the revive. I observed for a while more and it happened a few more times after that but then stopped a while later. Anyone else experience this? Just trying to see if it was an isolated case.


Laz will now only revive incapped team-mates without a strike, dead team-mates will still recieve a strike.


wow that kinda sucks to know, was it applied with the new patch because i dont remember it happening before that. Oh well, thanks for the reply!


Yeah, Laz is kinda UP now and yes; this was added with the “Stage 2” update.


It’s to prevent toxic gameplay. Nothing stunk more than to have to babysit a body for a long time, taking too much damage to have the Hunter pop back up with no strikes…


yea to be honest, i enjoy playing as laz alot and still do win consistently enough but i feel that he doesnt have much to differentiate himself as a unique character


People have already answered you here, but I’d add, as a monster & hunter, I think Laz is a little underwhelming now. It’s not too much work for me to camp a body to ensure a strike. I don’t think incapped hunters need any changes, but rather Laz could possibly get slightly higher dps to further discourage a brawler monster who’s happy to take some damage for the strike.


He shines late game. When the Dropship Timer is siting at 1:30, having the ability to instantly bring someone back is nice. Plus with Strikes being not as hampering (only 20% health instead of 50%) you’ll see a lot more Death, making Laz more useful.


Since this has been answered to the best of it’s ability, I’ll go ahead and call for a lock. Feel free to message a moderator if you’d like it to be reopened. :slight_smile: