Possible Infinite Flight / Airwalking Glitch (Video Link Included)


I was playing as the Goliath in some Evacuation missions last night. During one of the rounds, something strange started happening. One of the players using Abe somehow gained the ability to infinitely fly and walk on the air.

At first, I thought he might have been stuck, and that it wasn’t his fault. But then, later in the match, it seemed like he had the ability to control it. He was able to come down to the ground, harass me (as in gameplay, not behavior), and then take off into the sky whenever I turned in pursuit.

I was still able to pull off a victory by destroying the generator, but there were at least two times during the match where I could have ended it early if he had been playing fair.

Here’s a vid of the match:

At the 1:00 mark, I first run into the guy doing the weird flying thing. Later, past the 4:00 mark, you can see how he can control when to use it.

Not sure if this is a regular bug or if its been reported yet, but here you go.


That’s really weird but u showed him