Possible Hunters?


Found these in the background of the GameInformer “History of Turtle Rock” video, do you think they could be other hunters? I definitely see Markov there.


Maybe they are earlier concept art of Markov, or they chould be other Hunters :wink:


Hank’s there too. :smiley:


Is that why his leg is invisible? Is it meant to be that’s he’s cloaking?


Nah, looks like there’s just a piece of paper stuck to it.


@Plaff Your dedication to unearthing secrets is pretty damn impressive :slight_smile:


Agreed. Love it. Really happy to see folks that excited for the game.


i’m not exited i’m super exited for Evolve and its been a few years since i have been this exited for a game before (since Epic games announced Gears of War 2 in 2008 and til it was released in 2008 damn is it really 6 years ago that game came out @.@)
I have grinded for every Evolve gameplay videos on Youtube and other media’s :smiley:
And Evolve came easily through all the games that are on my top list :smile:


I think the last time I wanted a game this bad was when Skyrim was announced, only game i ever paid $150 for lol. Wish I could afford the collectors edition of evolve. Would love a statue of Goliath


I have been waiting for this game when it was first announced and all we knew was it was “wild”. Had to have been at least 4 years ago. I had all my L4D buddies getting hyped then LOL


I tried Evolve at the Gadget Show in Birmingham as Goliath and it was really good. I dare say it might have been one of the best games I’ve played actually, even though it was just a small part of the game


How about a trapper with trip wire? The monster would trip and take damage and it would work as an alarm system as well to let the trapper know the trap has been tripped over…course other wild life would be a problem unless it was designed for the monster somehow… Or a snare of some type that would hold the monster until it struggled free somehow…