Possible hints for HL3 and L4D3?


Just found this video from about a week ago. Some interesting things are mentioned in it which I find quite cool.

What do you guys/gals think? Possible leak or trolling?


I’ll remain skeptical. As much as want these games, I just don’t think Valve is doing anything with them right now. They make a lot of money selling software and games, they don’t need to make another game.


When gaben will be at e3, half life 3 will be confirmed


I would love these games but I’m not gonna get too excited. Even if it is real it could be several more years of waiting anyways. But to me it looks pretty real.


It is said also that everytime you say “half life 3”, it’s release will be delayed by 2 weeks everytime.
Btw i wouldn’t give too much credit to simple hints, now everyone “can find the “3” everywhere”


Valve is still a game developer company. They have artists, game designers and a lot of other people who want to work on games.

Also, they’ve even spent years and years working on Source 2 and you don’t think they’ve also been working on a game to showcase the full capability of the engine?

With these leaks I’m thinking that maybe we’ll see L4D3 this year and HL3 next year (lmao). Nothing but wishful thinking of course, but a bot can hope.


Why make a game for the engine when you can just sell it?


Come now, I think we all know that Valve can’t count to 3.


I heard L4D3 is in 2017


Because you need to sell it by showing it off, at the very least. You don’t just sell a promise.



This is half-life 3 release date, I hope you have cryo pods :laughing:


Was a left 4 dead one fan not so much 2 so if trs don’t have a hand in 3 then I donno


L4D3 is a gaming legend, and HL3 even more so. I have no doubt in my mind that these will both, someday, be released. As gaming legends, everybody wants them, and wants to find the hints showing them. What most people don’t seem to realize however, is that there probably aren’t any. I will remain skeptical of all “proof” until I see an official confirmation via Valve.


3010 confirmed


I still get out my old Xbox every weekend or so just to play left for dead and bayonetta (which is shit on ps3). Really hoping for a multi-platform L4D3!


I got left 4 dead on 360 and PC I play and l4d2 on my xb1


Just wait for The Orange Box 2 including: Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3, and Gaben The Game part 1 of 3


L4D2 should be remastered for Xbox and ps4
I put too many hours into that game.