Possible Gorgon Traversal Bug


Whenever I’m playing Crow and I shoot Gorgon when she’s in mid-traversal, she stops. The forward momentum that the traversal should have is ceased. It’s almost like she’s been hit by a harpoon. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ll get a video of this up as soon as I can.


At this point, I think you can forever leave “when I’m playing Crow” out of your posts because, come on, when are you not playing Crow?


I saw him play parnell today :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but he won’t post about it.


I had something similar happening to me earlier today while playing Meteor goliath-

Something was “stopping” my traversals and in particular- My Leap smashes. The leap smashes were particularly annoying, as id go up, and bash my face on some invisible wall, and drop straight down- Typically seeing the “leap smash landing explosion” animation go off where i was SUPPOSED to land some 15-20 meters ahead of me.

I chopped this up to “Ohhh Goliath” problems (There are instances in mind where im 200% certain there was NOTHING blocking my path- Wide, open nothing. No trees. No overhands. No walls. No branches. No corpses on the ground. Nothing but open skies), but thinking back on it the two games that strike me the most- The hunters were running a crow.

Possibly a coincidence, im still leaning towards “oh goliath…” problems- But who knows. Something to keep an eye out for.


I have had this happen for months. Might not be correlated with each other but I could be wrong.