[Possible Glitch/Bad Interaction] Jack Seemingly Unending Repulsor Beam vs Behemoth

Type: Possible Glitch/Bad Interaction
Characters: Jack & Behemoth
Map/Map Location: Wraith Trap (likely not map specific)
Game Mode: Hunt
Platform: PC

During a match as Behemoth, a Jack player I faced seemed to have nearly endless capacity with the repulsor beams. In several fights, I’d go through large portions of my roll energy without even breaking the beam. In most cases, I would give up and just tongue grab once it was off cooldown.

I recorded a video once I noticed it happening during the first dome fight. Most of the beginning interactions within the first 3 minutes were broken with tongue grabs. Therefore, see 3:30, 3:50, and 5:25 for some examples. As a side note, also see 6:50 for a really buggy rock wall interaction.

Now that I’ve had time to process, I can’t really make up my mind if this is a glitch or just a bad interaction with Bob’s roll. I know Bob’s supposed to be pretty sluggish, but it seems too punishing to be completely stationary for 10 seconds and not being able to do anything about it.

Anyway, here’s the video:

I think the beam drain was increased at a previous update, it’s intended, kinda op though

edit: found it

Blind is helping def to cross the road…

@LordBackael He was running capacity perks. Nothing evil about it.
@MrAkenatom Do you even know what increased drain means? Hint: it doesn’t mean it will last longer.

I know. it was a behemoth buff, but still looks too good, I was just trying to show that it’s intended to work that way, get it?

OMG How many DR perks did you have? They sure had a hard time fighting and you pwned them.

Brawler, Scaled Armour, and either Plated Armour or Unkillable. Looking at around 30% natural DR, plus passive.

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And you were doing that by stating that after increased drainage it’s kinda OP?

Bob needs more DR, its clear he doesnt have anywhere near enough. This weeks buff needs another buff next week :slight_smile:

yes, cus still 10 seconds doing nothing, every other monster can just waste one or two traversals and boom, you’re free

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But with Bob traversal inside the dome ain’t that much important like, say, with Goliath. And Repulsor, unlike Harpoon, won’t stop from climbing.

true,but i think you meant… Slow the monsters climbing by 50% :griffin_2:

Nope. Harpoons do that.

has always been that way when jack picks double cap.