Possible game additions to increase pre-match, "hype."



So I’ve been playing a ton of Evolve and have been loving it lately. There were a couple things I wanted to see what everyone would think about some possible improvements to the game, specifically the dissemination of information, before and after each game to increase game excitement/hype.

  1. Pre-game leaderboard score and or monster/hunter score: I think this would go a long way to increasing pre-game excitement and making everything a little more “personal.”

I understand that we do have the Evolve ranks… but let’s be honest. These ranks are essentially useless as they are the COD style score that only goes up, and never down.

I would propose that instead of displaying the Evolve rank… that the game can instead display the leadboard score for each player. So, for the Hunters, the leaderboard rank for each player would be displayed for the specific hunter they are using. In addition, the monster’s leaderboard rank would also be shown.

Imagine pregame seeing that your hunter squad is now facing a top 100 goliath? Or as the monster your facing a top 100 Cabot and Parnell? I get that this may encourage people to quit out of lobbies early but to be honest, they would probably quit anyway once a top 100 Goliath started working on their a’s. I just think it would add a lot more excitement to the game.

  1. Post Game Performance Board: I love the post game ranks and how the game shows your performance with each skill vs. the Global Average. However, I think this could be taken a step further.

I would love to see a Performance Board showing each hunter’s numbers so the team can see all the information, together. Maybe overlay it over a small animation of the hunters sitting around a table having some shots or beers? Something cool to give the feeling of camaraderie after a hunt.

This would allow hunter teams not only to chat about their performance and commend each other (dude, 13000 damage with Cabot, nice!) but also, would allow serious teams to see weaknesses as well (We gotta get that healing score up!) etc…

Again, I get that omissions of this information I’m sure are intentional and meant to discourage flamers from yelling at underperforming Hunters… but I feel the vast majority of players would welcome this information and it would enrich the feel of “the hunt” enormously. The enjoyment out of changes like these would outweigh the potential pratfalls.

Thank you for your time.


No. First, leaderboards are easily gimmicked. Second, you can have pubbies leave when you realize they only play X or have 0 Deaths Legit or not).

However, post match I would like to see my team’s stats. I want to know how much damage so and so took, what the overall team’s damage was so you can see where to improve on good teams.


I agree… I think the pre-game stats/leaderboard ranks would only work if there was a quit game penalty put into play to help clean up the boards. This would have to go hand in hand with legit leaderboard monitoring by TRS.


Or another option would be a recreational/unranked playlist vs. a ranked/pro playlist.


Post match team stats are actually being discussed at TRS, saw one of the devs mention it. It’s nowhere near being important as of right now though, for which you can’t blame anyone.

Also, the pre-match stats would be really fun to see in ranked mode - average damage numbers, preferred character and stuff like that. It would be nice if I wasn’t feeling like fighting just some random, but an actual person with a playstyle instead.


I’m mostly talking about high level competitive play. Without spectating in it’s hard to get an accurate assessment of matches without watching 4 different streams, that is if they all stream.


But post game, wouldn’t these numbers be useless if you were present in the match?

And if you weren’t somebody must’ve got it on tape in comp play.


I’m talking about practices. And just being in the same match as someone doesn’t tell me certain things. For instance, I’f Im assault, I’m not watching health bars for the most part. I’d like to know who took all the damage that game. Or if I’m healing everyone as medic, was ONLY the assault doing damage. How accurate are people. Do we need to work on roaching or accuracy training etc…


Alright, I get it. You need to save demos to analyse your games afterwards.


It’s too bad that Hunters Quest App level of detail isn’t in the main game :frowning: It’s crazy good though.


I find the UI to be confusing sometimes, but it’s pretty good.


This is on the same track about what I was talking about in the OP. The more information I can see at the end of the match the better. Like for example, I love the map reenactment of the game but without any information regarding performance (damage, accuracy, damage taken, weapon/gadget stats) it just seems a bit shallow. The more invested I can get into the game the better and information provides a great way to focus on things to improve.

And like I said, an animation of post game beers would be cool :smile:


Exactly. I’m basically trying to get some moment where I feel like Ahab fighting a Moby Dick.

On xbox one it would be fighting Game IHer.