Possible "fix" to Cabot? (Warning: It's probably stupid as all hell)


So, the general consensus is that Cabot is completely undermined by nearly every other Support. I don’t particularly agree with this, but you can’t ignore the fact that the majority of people feel that way. SO. Here’s a change that could help to appease them. And warning: my balance change ideas are usually trash. But I have a good idea about this oneeeeeeeee.

Anyways, every Support has a completely different deal for Supporting. Hank is all about his shields. Bucket’s got his shortened class cooldowns. Sunny’s jetpack booster is a life saver. And Kala’s armor reducer can allow for some major health damage. So now that leaves Cabot, with his defined thing being increased team damage. And, on paper, that sounds great! However, there is one major flaw.

It’s generally felt that the hunters melt much faster than an amped monster, especially when the monster is fighting an uncoordinated team.

And that’s true. And that’s natural. The hunters should naturally melt quicker, since they don’t have the defensive capacity that Hank, Sunny, or even Bucket and Kala bring. But, that’s still one of Cabot’s biggest flaws.

Now, here’s another thing I’d like to bring up, and that’s Cabot’s Dust. It basically served the same function as Bucket’s old UAV, and that’s added tracking capability. Sure, it works a lot better than the UAV, but it isn’t much use in a lot of situations.

Every. Single. Support. Can use all four abilities in a fight and have them work reliably. Except for Cabot. If anything, his Dust is only usable for after Dome. With such a long cooldown, it’s probably not the smartest idea to use it in the dome.

But what if we could change that?

Here’s my idea.

Damage Amp
• Lower capacity by 10%
• Decrease amperage to 1.5x

Dust Tag
• Shorten cooldown by 5%
• Lower “Dusted” time by 7.5%
• Add an amping affect that amps by 1.5x

This would make Cabot SO much more viable! Either the whole team (at max) could be dealing 1.5x damage, or three members (at max) could be dealing 3x damage. It could be incredibly punishing to monster players, and would certainly make up for a lack of defensive support from Cabot.

So what do you think? Horrible, I know.


Stopped reading at the beginning. Cabot is fine. The people are the problem, not Cabot.


Stares at this thread intensely


What should we do with them?


Murder the people I guess


“So, the general consensus is that Cabot is completely undermined by nearly every other Support. I don’t particularly agree with this, but you can’t ignore the fact that the majority of people feel that way.


It’s fixed now, go read it and tell me how stupid I am.


Burn them at the stake.


I don’t understand how people don’t like dust tag. It covers off one side of a monster’s likely path in the early game, it is the most useful thing in a dome for keeping up with what the monster is doing this side of Val’s tranq/poison. It helps to ensure that when a monster is fleeing that you can save the planet scanner for when it’s got out of sight so that the trapper can continue keeping a track of what the monster is doing.

edit: To be clear, I don’t think it needs extra abilities, and I don’t think that reducing how effective the amp is will be satisfying.

I disagree with the “common consensus” on Cabot, because people are generally too reliant on the crutch that shielding brings.


can’t we just buff the reload of dust tagging or make it actually show where it’s tagging on the map before actually start tagging?


But you can see that, can’t you? I thought you could…


I actually want a click on the map to tag function since it drops from the ship


The ‘majority’ of people are not represented. Video Game forums are a very small percentage of the population and they are usually the vocal minority as opposed to the majority. Just throwing that out there. Not saying they aren’t correct at times, but to say that the people on most forums are the majority representation is a fallacy :slight_smile:


I disagree with it as well, however, we can’t deny the fact that the majority of people on these forums feel that Cabot is… not underpowered, but undermined, by all other possible choices. And, in all legitimate honesty, I’d definitely take a Sunny or Bucket over Cabot any day.


An added bonus to dust tag would be welcome. My biggest complaint is that its cool down is too long for what it does.


Agreed, I feel that it’s cooldown is far too long for simply being a second tracking tool. Especially since it’s one that, unless you get lucky, actually requires you to have visuals on the monster. And in order to get visuals on the monster, you generally need to have tracked it down already.


I personally think Cabbage is fine but the only thing I would change is that dust tag cooldown. For what it does it is way way too long, even with max reload.


Cabot’s problem is what you stated in your description: he is not for a uncoordinated team.
You pick cabot when you know that you can trust in your team coordination. If you go solo and you get support role, i think, just a subjective number, only 5% of the times you would pick cabot because the other supports work better as they are more “selfish” and don’t require perfect timing and/or coordination. In this case cabot is surely “useless”, but in a premade team he is an absurd nuker. He is the only character who you can consider strong and weak at the same time depending on your team. That’s why you can’t change cabot. Dusk tag works greatly when coordinating with the trapper and alternating it with your trapper’s scanner. I think actually that cabot’s problem is that he is for a particular niche of situations. Even though you use him few proper times, those times he will shine.


I’ve always though Cabot sucked as a Support…

I’ve also thought that his Dust Tagging is shit too as it only helps himself by adding extra damage with the Rail Cannon

What’s the Amp do now?

The capacity is now 315

It’s a pretty huge Cooldown I know…

16.65 Seconds now

This is the one the made me happy! Something that can actually help the team and allow you to get out of trouble!


Originally I didn’t have any of the other changes, and I pitched it to our friendly neighborhood office appliance, whom told me that it was too OP. So, I made these other side changes.