Possible Evolve Statue Prizes for Community Tournament


I have been talking to a fellow Evolve player and he had mentioned that it would be great if Statues can be rewarded in a community tournament. I think that I may be able to provide some evolve statues as prizes. I can sculpt one and make copies of it. The statue may be a small scale figure or a 3-4 inch bust sculpt of a character or monster from the game. The first Trophy will probably be Slim.

Tell me your guys’ thoughts on this and which characters should be sculpted for this or to be sculpted in general. Not entirely sure how this will work so this is in the early stages. The first batch of trophies can be ready in a week. First need to discuss this with the fellow player that I talked to earlier today.


My thoughts on future “trophies” that may become available (roughly in this order and by default will be sculpted to include head and/or shoulders, maybe a small scale full figure sculpture):

-Elder Kraken


:eyes: !!!


Holy crap, I want/need all the monsters!


A slim sculpture that is nearly complete and have been meaning to finish it but had other projects to work on.


Yea, I haven’t seen to many videos on you thread. I though you left :stuck_out_tongue:


It has been a while. I have been a little busy with other stuff. I have been talking to a few people and they said that this should be at a discounted price for the winner of an evolve tournament.