Possible Countdown Timer Change/Addition?


I’m not suggesting changing anything too dramatic, but I hate that the hunter countdown timer displays JUST the 2 minutes and think it should be changed.

When a hunter is dead, a 2 minute timer ensues until he/she can return. This can be a critical timer especially when there is only one hunter left versus a stage 3 monster that could potentially destroy the relay. So this timer plays a large role in strategy based on the situation. What I, myself, sometimes forgets and others fail to realize is the extra 7 or so seconds it takes for the dropship to reach the drop zone area, open the cargo bay doors, and for the hunters to drop in and and the players to actually use their weapon/abilities. These extra seconds, strategically, can be crucial and overlooked because there is no indication as to how much time it takes for the hunters to land

I don’t think the time should change from the 2 minutes, and am not suggesting this 2 minute timer be changed. A hunter should have exactly 2 minutes to survive. I just think that either total timer should countdown the seconds it takes until the hunters physically can land and shoot/move/are fully back into the map or that a side timer should be placed after the 2 minute one. Thoughts?


This has been suggested and discussed before. I believe it is fine as is. The dropship tuner works as is to count down when spawns occur. It is also the hard reset meaning that Hunters no longer lose when the timer hits zero.

If the timer is increased to include the dropship then that is an extra 15 seconds you have where you can lose. If it is shortened then it is unfair for Monsters because they have less time to deal with the Hunters.

You have two minutes to survive, that’s fairly easy and very possible to do.

If you can stay alive for 2 minutes then you should be able to stay alive for an extra 15 seconds.


First, I agree and think the 2 minutes should not change as to how long a hunter has to survive or a monster has until the hunters come back. I was just suggesting that as the 2 minutes were up a simultaneous timer of 15 seconds would begin just to give the hunter a heads up as to when they can be healed or shielded. Also, I wasn’t talking about just surviving though, I meant it would change the timing of when a hunter would stop a monster from attacking the relay or when a group of surviving hunters would wait for the landing of their dead medic before they dome the monster (as another example besided the relay)


its hard to judge and correctly time when the hunters will hit the ground, depending on the height they land. I dont think the timer will change, but i do agree its a bit annoying thinking “o the dropship is here, now we can stop him from destroying the relay! wait we still have to wait 15 more seconds… fuck”


There is absolutely an indicator of when the respawned hunters have landed. It doesn’t matter where you are on the map you can hear the dropship leaving which is about the same time the hunters have hit the ground and begun moving in


How is it unfair ??

After the death of 1 hunter … 2 minutes is a very long time

If the monster did not finish out the hunters after the death of 1 hunter in 1:30 … he doesn’t deserve to win the match

It’s easy to track all hunters… even cloaked support

Let’s assume if medic/support died … how long does a decent monster need to finish out the hunters ?? Unless if he lost major health loss … he will back out

It’s definitely less than 2 minutes …

Most matches ended up infavor of monster when Drop ship time starts …

In quick Shot tournament 1.0 (1 minutes was drop ship timer that gave hunters a major unfair advantage)

Quick shot 2.0 (1.15 drop ship timer ) monsters were able to win …

We can disagree / agree about everything in the game … the game favorite the hunters or any thing else

The truth is : 2 things that favor monsters (drop ship timer / Killing the medic meta ) …

My suggestion to Drop Ship Timer is 1:45 … it’s more than enough to take out the rest of hunters . Win the match