Possible Bucket Variant w/ Proof


So upon finding myself in a 1v1 with both Bucket and Abe on the team, I came across this interesting dialogue. I’ve never heard it before, but I think its because there is rarely a game with Bucket and Abe, or if there is other hunters have convos.

Since Hyde’s convo with Mags about putting a flame thrower on Daisy turned out to be the Mags variant, I’d assume this would also predict Bucket’s variant. Although the devs have leaked C-Bucket as the variant name, he could very well have a highly modified body, the AE-35 Mobile Unit.

This isn’t set in stone, but I’d like to see the variants. If this prediction comes true, I will be known as Robot Lord, Sensei Samurai Emet.




C-Bucket Speculation Thread
I was right about the new Support adaptation! 😊
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Bucket adaptation class speculation

I totally forgot about that conversation.

He could have increased movement speed and jet pack as a passive thanks to his upgrades.


That celestial model better be chrome.


I was hoping oil slick shiny.



Its been hypothesized before, but thanks for laying it out for everyone! Its definitely a great guess.

I’d support it. :wink:


Inb4 Internet Explorer Bucket.

Lags the entire match


TRS just confirm it. Bucket’s variation is Celestial Bucket.


i still want chum-bucket :stuck_out_tongue: All hail Plankton

but that theory is very plausible ^^


This makes perfect sense. I’d love to see a celestial model bucket! We also know from Cabot’s story that the chassis we’re seeing is buckets second body. If I recall correctly, the original was designed to be rather human like.

Digging up quotes, it is described as “A blonde-haired, blue eyed machine designed for aggressive policing.” It was a Rank Rajat model RR-40a. I’m not sure if that’s a typical celestial model though. I’m pretty sure his current chassis is from NORDITA, but I don’t have a source for that.

I’d bet we’re either gonna see original bucket in a body Cabot saved or a shiny new bucket with a fancy new body procured by Abe.


Ill only accept that if they hide a crabby patty on one of the monsters for him to steal.
Perferably bob. Like stick it on one of his back spikes like he rolled over it.


10 chars



AE- 35 = some kind of communication- link thingy xD


You just blew my fucking mind :scream:


war boys intensifies


@Jayrob2k72 said this to me 5 months ago lol


It all makes so much sense! You’ve gotta love all of the little details that Trs sneaks in.


Or Bucket has talk to cabot and his new variation will be made full of rocket-launcher :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember that convo from loooong ago.


Holy shit. You may be onto something.